Here's Why You Deserve a New Car

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If there's one thing that is true for everybody in life, it's that progression is exciting. Whether you are going from a studio apartment to a whole new house, or you are going from having a boyfriend to getting married and having a husband, progression is always the aim of the game for most of us. We work hard for our promotions and we work hard for our new houses, and we work hard in our relationships so that we can fall in love and have the family we've always dreamed of.

So when it comes down to making the decision as to whether you should go ahead and buy that Mercedes convertible that's been sitting on that beautiful lot that you drive past everyday in your old car. There should be no brainer here that you should absolutely go for it and buy yourself a car. Sometimes people will convince you to buy a used car, and there's nothing wrong with buying a used car. But what you should consider is the fact that buying a brand new car if you are trading up is a great way to make yourself feel good about the progression you've made in your life. So with that in mind, we put together some reasons as to why you do deserve that new car rather than going for the old car again.

Because you need it. One of the best reasons to treat yourself to a new car is because you need a new car. Your old car is falling apart and you're spending more money repairing it than you are with anything else. The maintenance has become unbelievable and you need a car to get you from A to B and to get you where you need to go. So there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to something brand new. If it's going to bring joy to your life.

Because you want it. You have a car right now, but it's working. But you see that Mercedes convertible everyday and you Daydream about it. You've worked really hard to get your savings up there and now you want a car that's going to be reflective of your hard work. If being in that Mercedes convertible is going to make you feel confident and make you feel good about yourself, then why not say yes and go and buy the new car outright? You don't necessarily have to get finance on it if you're able to afford it.

You are trading up. You've already put the work in to get your car traded up and you've got the money sitting there and savings because you've worked really hard for it. If that's the case, and your old car is too old and it's costing you too much money, then there is nothing wrong with saying yes to a brand new car and starting all over again. Trading up your car and changing the brand that you've been driving is an excellent reason to say yes to your new Mercedes.

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