What Are the Most Customisable Cars?

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What Are the Most Customisable Cars?

Customisable cars can be a great way to stamp yourself on your vehicle. Rather than a standard motor from the showroom, you have something personal to yourself, with a unique look and improved performance. But is it easy to do, and how much will it cost? Here are some answers.

The Joy of Custom Cars

People customise their cars for many reasons and do it in many ways. From vinyl stickers to full body wraps and sports tyres to full engine tuning, the options are almost endless. The car customisation scene is massive in most countries, with committed communities customising cars from manufacturers like Citroen, Subaru and Volkswagen. There are also dedicated modders making big changes to high-end vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari and Bugatti.

Is It Easy to Do?

The short answer is yes, it is easy to begin customising your car. The challenge comes with making body changes, internal changes and engine tuning. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can ruin your vehicle and even make it unsafe. However, you can begin with simple customisations such as headlight covers, vinyl decals and paint jobs. If you are even a little bit unsure, always contact a local service with a good reputation to stay on the safe side.

The Top 10 Most Customisable Cars

Car enthusiasts all over the world could argue all day about which cars are the best and even longer about which ones to customise. However, here is the top ten list (UK) for custom jobs:

Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ
Nissan GT-R
Audi TT
BMW 3 Series
Toyota Supra
Mazda MX-5
Ford Fiesta ST
Subaru WRX
Honda S2000
Source: CarWow

When you want something a little different than a generic vehicle, customisation is a great way to break the mould. Any car can be modified, and it’s always a very personal decision as to how.

What Costs are Involved?

Like the challenge of customisation, the costs are also variable. The costs are essentially related to how far you want to go with your custom job. Wraps, which are basically special car stickers, are very popular because they are cheaper and easier to apply than paint. However, even these can cost between £1,800 and £5,000 on average. And making modifications to the body and engine can get really expensive as you change and swap out the generic parts of the car.

What About Safety?

Safety is an issue when you change anything in your car. Manufacturers rigorously test the parts they use, and changing these can be an issue. Small customisations like using wraps generally won’t be a problem. But large rims and low body mods can be a safety concern, for example. This combination can prevent the wheels from turning correctly and cause tyre damage. If you aren’t qualified, then anything more complex than a wrap should be done professionally.


It can be a joy for people to work on their customisable cars. There are some that are highly customisable with dedicated communities. But to avoid safety issues, always seek experts.

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