Is an Apprenticeship the Right Choice for My Child?

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Is an Apprenticeship the Right Choice for My Child?

When it comes to particular studies, your child should feel like they’re in control of their future and what’s to come. Having their career goals in mind is going to be a popular topic of conversation for kids as well, which is why your child should have a think about what is going to be their area of study in the future.

In this guide, we explore the apprenticeship benefits and if it’s the right choice for your child.

Does your child have a set goal in school?

Schools can be a tough environment to grow in, which means that learning is just a lot more complicated in these situations. Having that on your mind can be tough for a child, and if they don’t have any aspirations to go forward with academic ways of study it can mean that they should look elsewhere. An apprenticeship in this case would be the ideal scenario for your child.

Does your child prefer more practical work?

Practical work does mean that your child is going to be a lot more hands on with their projects. They may prefer art work, or more interactive activities as opposed to sitting in the classroom and taking on more academic ways of learning. With many children learning in different ways it can be difficult for children to remain focused, which is why an apprenticeship is a great avenue to go down.

Does your child have a particular interest in construction?

It’s known that this area of the industry is always going to be high in demand, but also not very attractive to younger students. Taking on an apprenticeship is the best way to pick up skills that make the world of construction a lot more appreciated. There is also the added benefit of exploring many different courses, from plant training, health and safety, to a streetworks course.

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