Why Are Chores Important for a Child's Development?

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There are valuable lessons that children can learn by helping with chores around the house. Tidying up their toys or feeding a pet is not only helpful for parents, but these tasks will develop many personal skills and help children to feel more competent. 

I have collaborated with an Independent School in Guildford to learn more about the importance of chores for children… 


Doing chores helps children develop an understanding of responsibility, self-worth and belonging. Whether they are tidying up or doing the recycling, helping out around the house gives them a sense of accomplishment. Doing chores will also help your child to feel like they are part of a team. Joining in to help other family members teaches them kindness and respect, which will serve them well throughout their lives. 


Doing chores gives an important message of teamwork at home and promotes the message that your child’s contribution is important. Try to encourage chores which involved in caring for the family. For example, helping to lay the cutlery at meal times or tidying up the living area. These tasks will encourage your child to think about how else they can be helpful and considerate outside of their chores. 


Learning how to carry out household chores will improve your child’s ability to follow directions. Once your child feels confident to complete their tasks without you, you could make a family chores schedule to put up on the wall. This will not only prompt your child to do their chores independently, but it will also help to develop their organisation and time management skills. 


Children learn best through hands-on experiences, which is why household chores make excellent learning opportunities. When your child experiences the time and effort it takes to cook, clean and tidy up each day, they are more likely to be grateful when you do it - Or if you are lucky, offer to do it for you!

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