5 Home Improvement Ideas for Summer

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Whether you are looking to update your kitchen or improve your garden, here are five home improvement ideas to consider this summer.

Tidy up the garden 

Now is the time to start tidying up your garden ready for family gatherings. Start by looking at your garden storage and how it can be better organised. A Clutterbox is perfect for garden clutter! This free standing storage unit with double doors provides easy access to your hose reel, gardening tools or folding deck chairs. It is a perfect addition for a smaller garden as it can be placed against a wall or fence. 

Update your lawn 

If you have young children who like to run around bare foot in the garden, then you may wish to consider installing artificial grass. This is an ideal grass alternative for families because it is low maintenance and it much softer on children’s feet. Artificial grass also means no more mud being brought into your house after your children have been running around outside. 

Accessorise indoors 

If you don’t want to completely redecorate indoors, but you do want to add a splash of colour; what about some new accessories? You could change your curtains, add new pillows to the sofa or buy some new bedding. Bed linen is a great way of creating a new colour scheme in your bedroom and it is nice and easy to swap when you fancy a change. 

Update your worktops 

Installing new worktops will make a huge difference to your kitchen and the cost of changing your worktops is much less than a whole kitchen renovation. There are lots of options to choose from. Wood, granite and marble will be the more expensive options, but you could consider a self-adhesive vinyl for a much more affordable update. 

Clean the windows 

Finally, a fantastic way to brighten up your home this summer is simply by cleaning your windows! It really makes a huge difference when the sun is shining. Try a traditional mixture of warm water and vinegar to help get your windows sparkling clean and use kitchen towels or newspaper to dry for a streak-free finish.

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