4 Myths About Boarding School

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There are several motives behind why parents consider a boarding school in England for their children, as they offer a variety of benefits. Unfortunately, there are many misguided opinions when it comes to boarding school that tend to put people off, and parents have a tendency to worry that it’s not the best option for their children. Read on for some myths about boarding school to help alleviate your worries.

Myth One: Boarding School is a Parent Free Zone

Many people mistakenly think that children who join a boarding school have been abandoned by their parents, but this is absolutely not the case at all. Communication between parents and their children is very much encouraged at boarding school, including video chat, to ensure students stay connected to their parents and other family members.

In addition, parents are always more than welcome to attend school events such as football matches, sports day and school concerts, allowing them to see their child in action and guarantee their happiness.

Myth Two: Boarding School is One Big Sleepover 

It’s true that boarding school has many of the nice elements associated with sleepovers, like friendship and playing together, but there are still rules in place about what time the children must settle down for the night to ensure they’re getting enough sleep.

Myth Three: The Food at Boarding School is Terrible

At boarding school, children are provided with a healthy, balanced diet via an innovative menu. Without the right nutrition, students will not be able to reach their full potential in terms of their education and personal endeavours. In fact, boarding schools aim to create a “home-from-home” atmosphere for students, through both the food and the facilities. 

Myth Four: Boarding School is Only for “Posh People”

Yes – boarding school can be expensive for parents, but it is a myth that only “rich” or “posh” students can attend. In actual fact, there are plenty of payment options available to parents who cannot afford the full cost up front. Furthermore, there are a range of scholarships and bursaries available that cover part of or all of the fees, and there are many charities associated with boarding schools which support those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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