A Parents’ Guide to A Levels

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A Levels are qualifications taken by students between the ages of 16 and 19 (Year 12-13). If your child is planning to apply to university, A Levels are a crucial qualification, and they are also looked highly upon by many employers. They are usually graded through coursework and exams, but some subjects will involve a practical test as well (e.g. drama or art). Here’s some further information from a top A Level College in the UK

The A Level subject your child chooses will have a huge influence on the direction of the next few years of their life. For that reason, it can be a challenging experience for young people and they will need full support from their parents and other family and friends. It’s worth sitting down with your child and talking to them about their options. Encourage them to choose subjects that they both enjoy and are good at, otherwise they won’t achieve the best possible results. You should also take your child along to open evenings at their school so that they feel they are making an informed decision. They will be able to ask the teachers plenty of questions and get as much support as they feel they need. 

If your child does plan on attending university, it’s a good idea to have a look at some of the courses they’re interested in and what their entry requirements are. This might help your child come to a conclusion regarding which A Level subjects they would like to study. It’s worth noting that A Levels are quite a big jump from GCSEs, so the subjects they’re breezing through now might not seem as easy when they start Year 12. With that said, it’s worth looking into the type of work that will be expected of your child and if it’s appropriate for their skills.

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