Top Tips for Helping Your Kids with Maths

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Top Tips for Helping Your Kids with Maths

Maths can be a challenging subject for many youngsters, and even for lots of adults. Some of us are better with words, crafts or sport. Nevertheless, even if your maths skills are not the sharpest, there are numerous ways you can help to teach your child maths at home. Here are some handy tips from a private school in Kent to help you get started. 

Attempt to integrate maths into your daily lives. This will help to make maths feel enjoyable and less intimidating; your child probably won’t even realise they are learning! For instance, encourage your child to get involved with activities requiring numbers, measuring and basic calculations, such as shopping and baking. 

Lots of parents find it beneficial to have at least a vague understanding of how their children are being taught maths in lessons. It’s really worth having a chat with your child’s teacher and find out what maths skills they are currently exploring in class and what you can do to help them at home. 

There are a variety of helpful resources online that can aid your child’s development and improve their maths skills. You can ask the school for some age appropriate suggestions or have a look for online activities targeted at your child’s year group. Lots of these online programs include videos which can be re-watched and rewound as many times as necessary until your child understands the equation. 

As well as online tools, there are also various educational apps available to download on a smartphone or tablet. They are usually free of charge and tend to include games which help your child see that learning maths can be fun. 

When your child is doing their maths homework, or any homework for that matter, it is wise to let them try to work things out on their own rather than do it on their behalf. Both yourself and their teacher will be able to figure out where they’re going wrong and help them learn, which will be impossible if you have too much of an input in their homework.

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