What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Learning?

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Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Outdoor experiences offer many benefits to a child’s development. These benefits range from developing personal skills, such as communication, problem solving and team work. Outdoor learning can also help to strengthen many academic skills, such as literacy, numeracy.

Using outdoor activities, parents can show children that learning can occur anytime and anywhere; not only in a classroom environment. Outdoor challenges also encourage children to estimate risk and take responsibility for themselves, others and the environment.

To learn more about the benefits of outdoor education Maltman’s Green School have put together the following information. 

Personal Skills

The outdoors provides excellent opportunities to practice a wide range of personal skills and abilities that are not always used in the classroom. Outdoor learning can help to develop critical thinking skills, self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Health and Wellbeing

Learning outdoors can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Walking and exploring nature is ideal for physical and emotional wellbeing and can contribute to a lifelong love of the outdoors. In addition, being in an open space will provide a sense of freedom. This will encourage children to make discoveries by themselves and use their imaginations.

Decision Making

Using outdoor activities, children are able to identify hazards and risks and successfully manage them. This gives children an opportunity to develop their decision making skills and grow in confidence.


Regular outdoor learning encourages children to engage with nature and it also helps them to understand global environmental issues. Children learn to appreciate and respect nature and understand how they can contribute towards a greener planet. 

Children learn best when using all of their senses, so getting outdoors is a great way to teach children about the world around them. Exploring nature can provide many fun learning opportunities, so don’t forget to take your learning activities outside and encourage your children to observe their surroundings, weather and wildlife.

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