Helping Your Child Make New Friends

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Helping Your Child Make New Friends

While socialisation comes naturally to many children, it can be tough for those who suffer with shyness. Fortunately, shyness is something that can be overcome in youngsters with a little effort and support from parents, to ensure they grow up to be confident and sociable adults. Here are some tips from a private nursery in London for parents who want to help their kids make new friends.

Introduce After School Clubs

Extra-curricular activities are a great way to help your child build confidence and make new friends. They are often encouraged, in their extra-curricular clubs, to step outside of their comfort zone and explore things their passionate about with like-minded people. 

Encourage Play Dates

Let your kids invite their friends round to your house or, if you’d prefer, take them out somewhere. Keep the playdates short and sweet, and only invite one child to start with. One to one time with another child will be very beneficial for your son or daughter because it will allow them to get to know each other properly and find out what they have in common without the rest of the class interfering. 

Give Them a Confidence Boost

Be sure to praise your child when they deserve it as a means to boost their confidence. However, you should bear in mind that there are other ways to boost your child’s confidence, such as challenging them to make conversations with people other than yourself. For example, you should encourage them to order their own food at a restaurant.

Always Set a Good Example

Try having your own friends round so that your child can learn appropriate ways to interact with friends and treat guests. Always demonstrate good manners when talking to acquaintances and let your child observe your body language, eye contact and general communication skills. This will help them in their own social situations.

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