5 off-the-beaten path destinations to add to your Italy bucket list

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Best destinations in Italy

Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. It is full of beautiful towns, many of which are less known to tourists, scattered throughout the gorgeous country between the main cities of Milan, Rome, Naples, Venice and Florence. So the next time you plan to visit Italy, take some time to visit the lesser known destinations. They are certainly worth it! Here are 5 off-the-beaten path destinations to add to your Italy bucket list:

Palermo, Sicily 

In the year 2018, Palermo was named the 2018 Capital of Culture. Located on the island of Sicily, Palermo has a deep history where you can feel the influence that previous invaders have left on the rich culture and you will truly feel to be in authentic Sicily here. Palermo is well known for its markets, due to its historical importance as a trading center, its pastries, and the beaches. To live the real Sicilian experience, it is highly recommended to rent a privately owned home: there are many websites like Wishsicily for example that display many of the villas available, also in the Palermo area

Best destinations in Italy

Matera, Basilicata 

Matera is one of those ‘pinch me, is this real?’ destinations. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located on the border of the Basilicata and Puglia regions, with a unique history that dates back more than 30,000 years. It is famous for its sassi, which refers to the neighborhoods of stone dwellings. When you visit, you see incredible stone creations. Your mind wanders as in the caves that are built into the rocky hillside, which are in fact they are safe-saving dwellings. This city is a site to see, especially considering the fact that Matera is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in history aside from Petra, in Jordan. 

Best destinations in Italy

Tropea, Calabria 

Calabria is a region in Italy located at the toe of Italy’s boot. Tropea is a picturesque town, perched above the Tyrrhenian Sea, with views at every turn. Fortunately, it is one of Italy’s best-kept secrets. The beaches are sandy, the center is historic and just as you’d picture a classic Italian village center, you can visit the monastery called Santa Maria dell’Isola, and there is perhaps nothing better here than enjoying fresh seafood with a gorgeous view of the sunset. 

Porto Ercole, Tuscany 

Porto Ercole is a popular Tuscan harbor town located in the south of the Tuscany region, on the Monte Argentario peninsula. Here, you can stroll through the harbor, visit the fortifications, Forte Filippo and Forte Stella, that stand across from each other on opposite sides of the harbor, wander through the old town, and see the Governor’s Palace from Piazza di Santa Barbara. 

Best destinations in Italy

Procida, Campania 

Procida is a gorgeous and unchanged island in the Gulf on Naples, only 40 minutes from the city of Naples. It is one of the four Flegree Islands, with the others being Ischia, Nisida, and Vivara. An author said in the National Geographic, “Capri is a king’s daugther of dazzling beauty, elegant, rich, proud and flirtatious. Ischia is like a princess – stylish, tasteful in monuments, and Procida is like a Cinderella – modest, unpretentious and at the same time beautiful in her simplicity.” On the island of Procida, pastel townhouses, a fisherman village environment and typical narrow streets surround you. It’s a destination that lets you feel the atmosphere of the past century and all the life that the island has seen. 

The best part is, these are only 5 of the charming Italian off-the-beaten path destinations. I could easily go on about many more and narrowing it down to five to share here was not easy at all. The quaint destinations in Italy may not draw as many tourists every year, but they sure are something special. 

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Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Emily Jones


  1. One of my friends got married in Italy and I've heard tales of how beautiful the area was.

  2. I have never been to Italy before but waited my whole life for it. We go in 24 days and I CAN'T WAIT! We are going to Venice!

  3. Italy is one of my favourite countries but I've never heard of these places so I'll definitely add them to our list. I want to go to Florence next x

  4. I've always wanted to visit Italy to see the main sites but its great to know theres so many different places to actually go on holiday within the country. Tuscany is on my list now after your post! xxx

  5. Aww lesser known places like this are always amazing! I'd love to visit Italy one day, it looks so beautiful!

  6. I would go back to Sicily in a heartbeat - such a beautiful island


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