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We Brits know that a cup of tea seems to make everything in life just a little bit better. Therefore, it’s easy to see why a free cup of tea or coffee makes for one of the most popular freebies and draws people back for more again and again. Guess what? You’re in luck! WOW Free Stuff have researched for us the top places where you can get a free brew. So sit back, relax and enjoy our ultimate free tea and coffee list!

Why do businesses offer free tea or coffee?

Would you know why a business would give away free tea or coffee? Well, they have good reasons for doing it and I've listed a few of them for you below. 

The first reason is to introduce their product to you! When you try a company’s brand of tea or coffee, if you like it, there’s a chance in the future you’ll return to buy it. People love free stuff, and getting a free sample of tea or coffee is an excellent way to introduce potential customers to a product.When it comes to tea and coffee brands, there’s a lot of competition out there, and to get attention companies must think of ways to stick out of the crowd and draw you to their brands.

Moving on to the second reason, the brands aim to gain your loyalty. You know of a supermarket that is giving away free tea or coffee. Chances are you’ll want to shop there. Think of complimentary tea or coffee as a perk. It entices you to want to spend your money at the store because you’re gaining something extra as a result. So give yourself that bonus when you supermarket shop and get your free cups of tea. After all, you deserve it!

Wow Free Stuff

How do I get free tea or coffee?

There are various methods for getting free tea or coffee, and these methods vary from business to business. However, one common way is by signing up to loyalty cards. Places like Waitrose, IKEA, John Lewis and others offer free tea and coffee as part of their membership loyalty bonuses. All you do is sign up for one of their cards, and you can benefit from the free tea and coffee they offer. Read on to learn about all the UK places where you can get yourself that free hot drink!

Look on the social media pages of coffee chains like Starbucks and Costa and restaurant chains like Giraffe. Often, you’ll find announcements for free drink giveaways. Moreover, there are tea companies, such as Twinings and Birchall & Redbush that regularly offer free teabag samples. This is an excellent way for you to test a flavour before you buy it. You can also enter this competitions where Tea India are giving away 2500 latte packs.

Where can I find free tea or coffee now?

Below is the ultimate list of where you can get a free hot drink in the UK.

Waitrose - Waitrose has a loyalty card so get yourself signed up and you can then start getting their free hot drinks. Now, keep in mind that you will need to purchase before you can get a cup. However, there’s no minimum price rule on your purchase. Some of their delicious drinks include tea, latte, Americano, hot chocolate and cappuccino - so it’s totally your choice. Don’t delay! Sign up for your free Waitrose loyalty card for a hot drink now.

John Lewis - What’s so impressive about John Lewis’ freebie offer? You not only get a free hot drink, but you also get a free slice of cake! To benefit, you’ll need to register for the My John Lewis membership programme. When you do, at least three times during a year you’ll get a voucher for a free hot drink and cake from the John Lewis cafĂ©. This combination is perfect for post-shopping fuel. You’ll enjoy your shopping even more with a My John Lewis loyalty membership that allows you to gain points, rewards and surprise treats. Sign up today and get your My John Lewis card within two weeks.

IKEA - Not to be outdone, IKEA, the family favourite homeware store, has joined in on the free hot drink fun. When you join the IKEA family, you get a free cup of tea or coffee when you visit the store. You’ve been to IKEA; you know how big it is, and you know that deciding amongst all the cool stuff can be a challenge. Fuel up with a free cup of tea or coffee from IKEA. Also, when you become an IKEA Family Member, you get extras, like reduced family rates, 10 per cent off on sale items, free product insurance, and more. So go ahead and sign up for free today!

PAUL - When you sign up online for a PAUL loyalty card, you can not only get a free cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, you also get a croissant or a pain au chocolat! You’ve never had breakfast at PAUL? Well, you’re in for a treat. The perfect way to jumpstart your morning is with a yummy Parisian Breakfast totally free at any of the PAUL stores before midday.

Greggs - Greggs is also a great place to get a free drink. Just sign up for the Greggs Rewards App, and you can receive a delicious free Welcome Hot Drink! You’ll find that the Greggs app is user-friendly, so no matter how non-tech-savvy you may be, you can easily claim your rewards. Just download the app and register, then go to the rewards section to get your free hot drink.

Booths - Do you live in the North-West? If so, get yourself a free regular sized hot drink at Booths. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself after shopping. Go to Booths and pick up a temporary card to get started. You’ll be able to track your spending with electronic receipts, get discounted Afternoon Tea for Two, get weekend newspaper discounts, and, of course, enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee.

Benugo - Okay, Londoners! Get yourself a free cup of coffee at Benugo. To do so, sign up for their newsletter. You’ll find Benugo cafes and restaurants in some of London’s most famous and beautiful spots such as Regent’s Park, the Natural History Museum, and the British Museum. So the next time you’re in the Big Smoke, sign up! Keep in mind that your free coffee voucher expires after one month from the date applied. So remember that when you plan your next trip!

Costa (Wuntu) - Are you with Three? Then you already know about their rewards app, Wuntu, and about all the freebies and extra benefits you can get with it. In fact, you’ll often find that Wuntu teams up with Costa to offer you free hot drinks. So be sure to pay attention to your app for the next one.

Caffè Nero (O2 Priority) - What do O2 Priority customers know? They know what joy Tuesday brings! Every Tuesday, O2 customers get a free hot drink at Caffe Nero. Plus, they get to collect loyalty Nero stamps as well. It’s the perfect mid-week pick-me-up!

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  1. I have to admit I LOVE a good cup of tea so I'm all for a free cup! These are some great ideas and the Waitrose one is perfect for having while you shop!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of tea or coffee but I do think it's good more places are offering it free as it doesn't cost much to make x

  3. My husband needs to read this! He's a proper coffee addict! Great tips :)

  4. We get sent the John Lewis free hot drink and cake all the time and I've never got round to use it.

  5. Dod not know about the free drink with O2 priority on tuesdays, how fab xx

  6. I use O2 priority to get free hot drinks! It's really fab x

  7. I love getting a free cuppa when I'm out and about. I usually nip in McDonald's so I can collect the stamps from the cups. Once you've got 6 you can have a freebie :)

    Louise x

  8. I never forget my cup when I head to Waitrose, I love that they offer free tea and coffee to their customers x


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