Top Tips for Your Budget Friendly Dream Wedding

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Wedding is one of the major life changing decisions of our lives, and once we’re happy to have chosen the perfect partner, the next big step is to plan your big day - the wedding! Both brides and grooms have their own dreams especially when it comes to weddings. In most cases, the females are more concerned about the details and all the aspects especially their wedding dress. Some opt for traditional weddings and some want their event to be lavish like a fairytale wedding while some plan destination weddings. 

Setting the Wedding Date - Once everything is finalised and both the partners are ready to tie the knot, the most important question is to decide a wedding date. This plays a crucial role in allocating the cost of the budget, because that’s one of the major expenses of the entire event. Wedding or venue hire cost mainly depends on the season you select for the wedding, as the prices tend to fluctuate depending on the time of the year. Therefore, if you’d like to keep the cost low, make sure not to choose the busy season as that won’t just help you in controlling the venue hire cost, but you’ll get more choice and options too. Moreover, the venues also tend to offer some free extra add-ons when the wedding season is low. A late spring or a midweek date can work perfectly well rather than opting for a long weekend or summer with days with no rain. 

Wedding Ceremony and Reception - Plan the wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue, as this won’t just help in keeping the venue costs low, but it will also reduce the hassle of the transportation of the guests. Moreover, this will also save time, and there would be a lower probability of anything going wrong that way as few things will have to be managed! 

Wedding Cake - Every bride wants her wedding cake to be a showstopper and to leave every guest in awe. Designer wedding cakes can be quite pricey and the more tiers you plan to add, the higher the price gets. To keep the cost low, you could add some fake tiers, that would keep the height of the cake tall, but will keep the cost low. Also, the cake can serve as a perfect dessert for the guests and they are already quite full after the main meal, so rather than adding another dessert, a slice of cake can be served to everyone and it would make a perfect dessert for the wedding too. 

Buffet Versus Sit-down Meal - Both these styles of serving food to the guests have a major impact on the food costs. Sit-down meals have multiple courses and they add a lot to the total food cost than compared to a buffet. However, even if you decide upon opting for a sit-down meal, you could maybe cut a few courses. Also, you can check out for all your wedding needs and ideas from favours and decor to wedding venue and supplies. 

If you have any tips for brides or grooms to create a budget friendly dream wedding, then please share your tips and ideas in comments below.

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