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Food is one of the most essential part of our lives and putting it in simple words, we spent most of our money on food. The total spending is spread across buying the day to day groceries such as breakfast items including bread, milk, jam, cereal and eggs, buying the ingredients for lunch and dinner or simply purchasing ready to eat meals or getting snacks, chocolates or desserts for an extra treat. 

Recently a friend’s Facebook post that I came across literally chuckled me up, and the reason why I’m sharing it here is because it was about food. She shared a video of an Indian song referring to weekend dine out at restaurants, the lyrics of which translated into English mean ‘I’m here to spend everything I’ve managed to save!’ 

How hard we try, it’s not possible completely get rid of the food spending on our monthly budgets because that’s a basic human need. However, it’s a brilliant idea to save while spending on groceries and food by searching for food coupons and vouchers. Besides discounts and money off coupons and vouchers, certain companies even provide free food vouchers that can make a major difference on food spending. 

I love saving and who doesn’t? I’m sure even you’re in the same boat, and welcome any savings with wide open arms. The internet has made lives so much easier, and various websites provide all the information on the latest deals at different grocery stores, enabling the users to compare prices and to settle for the best deal. Also, the deals, vouchers and coupons such as the 2 for 1 deals, a percentage off on your first order, half price groceries or £1 off offers work brilliantly in greatly reducing the monthly food spend. Although I prefer buying fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, instead of getting the frozen ones, there are also lots of long life items and food products such as tinned pineapple, caramel, evaporated or condensed milk and products such as ice cream that can be purchased and stored in the pantry or in the freezer, when on offer or promotion. 

I always look for deals when buying groceries, and this immensely helps in keeping the food budget low. Moreover, I also sometimes get food vouchers in the post that give a few pounds off on the entire shop. If you’ve got any other tips to save money on groceries, then please do let me know too.

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  1. I am one of those people who loves the wonky veg and more so, every so often our local supermarket gives away free veg it feels it cannot sell, so I am right in there x


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