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Smoky Boys highlights the idea of ‘great meat and big flavours.’ The tagline is pretty much what the restaurant has to offer to its diners and to ensure & fulfil this promise, Smoky Boys use the best British lamb, chicken and premium cuts of beef to gourmet grills. The kitchen uses simple ingredients to curate the perfect dish so well that the flavors become a fond memory and you just want to come back for more again and again! 

Despite the fact that we visited Smoky Boys at the start of the week, we were easily able to locate a free parking spot on a street behind the restaurant. We had our table booked for 6:00 pm, but we reached Watford earlier to conveniently park and freshen up a bit before heading to the restaurant. It was a really warm day, and the sun had been shining bright which I’m not a massive fan of, as it can cause a headache if i'm facing it for too long. Thankfully the weather improved by the time we reached our destination and we were all set to enjoy a nice meal.

Starting off with drinks to cool down, I choose a Smoky Colada (£4.5) for myself while the husband opted for Amigos Punch (£5).  Obviously, BabyN’ has to try all drinks so we offered both to him and he preferred the latter which was prepared with passion fruit, mango & pineapple juice as well as grenadine. Since he’s not too fond of milk, I grabbed the opportunity to enjoy the Smoky Colada all by myself. This one was prepared with pineapple, coconut and Greek yoghurt, topped with roasted coconut. The drinks had a nice mix of flavors and presentation whilst being refreshing to sip on.

For the starters, we tried Smoky Beef Brisket which was served with home-made coleslaw. The brisket was cooked to perfection, topped with caramelized onions and truly flavorsome. We also tried the Char Grilled Shrimps, and the grilled Halloumi Skewers. Again a great smoky aroma from both with a superb combination of spices and distinct flavors.  

Also, we tried a chicken wings taster platter. It had 6 wings, each with a different flavor ranging from mild to hot. I do enjoy my spices, but we’ve cut down the level quite a lot, ever since BabyN’ started eating solids. Sauces on offer include lemon and thyme, smoky BBQ, Peri Jerk, Dynamite, Smoky Boys Sauce and Bad Boy Suicide. From among these, the lemon and thyme was mild with the lowest level of spice although still definitely not for little kids. All the others had a fair bit of spice and when served hot are sure to tingle the taste buds. Always a good idea to check with the staff about the heat level, but rest assured these were one of the best on offer. 

For the mains, we tried 3 different burgers - Smoky Bacon, Smoky BBQ and Moroccan Lamb. The Smoky BBQ (see below) was served with rosemary salt on skin on fries. The burger had a very generous filling of a beef patty that was further topped with a slow cooked beef brisket. Also, it included a bit of coleslaw, dill pickles, caramelized onions and a BBQ sauce and was served in a brioche bun. The photo might not accurately represent the burger size, but to give an idea we actually decided to cut it into half to be able to handle it better rather than struggle with the fillings dripping out. Every Bite of this was a wonderful mix of flavors and the sour, sweet, crunchy combo was a delight to the finish.   

The second burger was Moroccan Lamb - which included a lamb patty, baby gem lettuce, red peppers, grilled halloumi cheese, tzatziki and coky chilli harissa in a brioche bun. Like the Smoky BBQ, this one also brings in a burst of flavors. The burger patty actually hints towards flavors of a Golla Kebab which is a popular meat item served especially in South Asian weddings. The burger came with sweet potato fries on the side and I simply loved them! They were crispy and had been cooked just up to my liking. 

We had our third burger the Smoky Bacon on our table as well, but unfortunately weren't able to try it at the restaurant as the other 2 were so good and filling that we needed a breather especially for the upcoming dessert that the manager insisted on to have. However, my husband and I tried this burger the next afternoon. The burger had a beef patty, along with maple glazed oak smoky turkey bacon, grilled onions, cheese and Smoky Boys sauce served in a brioche bun. I quite like burgers with such fillings and so I really enjoyed it just from the first bite. It would for sure come up as a high recommendation for all burger lovers. 

From among the three, the Smoky Bacon was my favourite while Smoky BBQ won the most points for the husband.

After the mains were down, we had to go for another round of drinks and this time I opted for a tropical fruit punch. Its a mocktail on their special menu made from banana, mango, pineapple and coconut, blended with vanilla ice cream. When the drink arrived, it was cold and I could feel the crunchiness of crushed ice. BabyN' had been demanding for a lemonade, so husband opted for Old Fashioned Lemonade which was served with lots of fresh mint and Demerara sugar. 

Smoky Boys has a unique offering for their customers allowing them to create their own burgers so that they can start by choosing a base, type of cheese, garnish, toppings and sauce. Besides that, the Watford branch also has on its menu some steaks, ribs and hot dogs. Their hygiene rating is 5, which is as fantastic as it can get!

We were totally full by the time we got half done with the burgers so decided to get them packed but the manager insisted us to try their Homemade chocolate brownie and because it was husband’s birthday we agreed. Despite having already cut 2 cakes the day before, we wanted him to do it yet again. We had a candle lit up on and BabyN’ was all excited to sing a birthday song for daddy. The brownie was chocolate rich and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (vava is what my little one calls it & it’s his favorite flavor). All three of us shared the dessert because it wouldn’t have been possible to get separate ones after such a filling meal. 

Smoky Boys is the "fastest growing quality Halal burger chain in the UK". It has restaurants not just in Watford, but in Hounslow (opens till 4:00 am), Stevenhenge and Amersham too, and aside from these four current restaurant sites, it has four more in various stages of pre-opening: Park Royal, Wembley, Hemel Hempstead and an undisclosed site in central London.. All restaurants operating currently have a different menu and their timings are different. Some restaurants offer more options and might be better for family friendly dining, Warford being one. 

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Options: Everything is Halal
Child-Friendly: Yes, sitting is child friendly but there aren't any toilets
Alcohol Available: Yes (2 for 1 on cocktails, Sun - Thurs)
Location: 274a Saint Albans Road, Watford, WD24 6PE
Contact: 01923 252 968

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  1. I think you mean Watford not Wartford haha. Smoky Boys is just around the corner from me but I'e not yet checked it out x

    1. Oh yes! Thanks for the heads up. 😊 I did realise that earlier before publishing it, and thought I had edited all the spellings but missed the heading and the cover photo! 😂

  2. I would so go for that tropical fruit punch. I haven't heard of this place but the food really looks delicious and its great that its halal too

  3. I didn't realise there was one of these in Watford, will have to check them out.

  4. Ooooh I like the sound of the custom burgers, this sounds like somewhere I'd definitely like to eat!

  5. Aww thats cute that you sung for daddy! The Smoky Colada looks amazing and the food certainly looks good!

  6. Oh those burgers look absolutely incredible! What a cool place! Kaz x

  7. Wow this place sounds awesome - I really like the sound of the Smoky Bacon burger (in fact all the burgers sound and look great). Good idea to include the hygiene rating in your review.

  8. I've never heard of Smokey Boys before. The food looks absolutely divine though. I'll definitely be checking them out if one opens up near me :)

    Louise x

  9. Oh my word, it all looks delicious! Just my kind of food!


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