Tips to keep the surrounding environment better with Foobot - Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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The most important step for making the environment better is to know how it is as without knowing, one won’t be able to take any corrective measures. To fight pollution, it’s necessary to measure it and with Foobot, families can make their household breathe in fresh air as the device immediately informs the user in case attention is required.
Foobot - Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

It’s perfect to keep an eye on the air in your surroundings as Foobot enables the users to know about the air quality by analysing the level of humidity and carbon dioxide around the device. The device not just calculates the indoor conditions, but is also able to tell about the outdoor condition and the quality of air. Based on fine particles and volatile substances, the user gets notified about the status of the surrounding and any change in the atmosphere is also evident by the change of the light on the device which changes the LED display from blue to orange if any attention is needed. Not only can the Footbot smell the invisible pollutants in the environment, but you’ll get to know whether the surrounding air feels like that of the one in the Alps or like a freeway in a busy metropolitan. 

Foobot - Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

When the Foobot arrived, it was very well packed and I simply had to take out the device out of the packaging and plug it within 5 feet of my WiFi device. The next step was to install the Foobot application and follow the steps as told. It was an extremely simple process installing the Foobot in my house and as advised, I waited for 3 days for the device to adjust to the surroundings and to start functioning properly. Now every time, there’s any change in the environment, I get notified about it on my mobile. With the Foobot, I’m now in a better position to understand the environment in which I’m living. 

Measure the indoor pollution easily with Foobot, and improve the air quality as it results in various benefits such as lesser allergies, low probability of respiratory issues and better sleep. Indoor pollution can be a result of anything - the major causes are the combustion by-products released by cooking or heating appliances and the volatile organisms compounds such as cleaning agents used in the kitchen or any other part of the house or even personal care products and hair dyes. 

In order to keep my house smell fresh and away from any unwanted odours, I burn the wax melts which spread a very subtle smell in the house. Also, I sometimes use air fresheners or scented candles to make the house look and feel cosy. 

People can also breathe cleaner air by keeping indoor plants as they’re great natural solutions to get rid of pollution. I love plants and they also add a nice touch to a corner setting of any room. Spider plants have to be placed in a well lit area and needs watering just once a week. Peace lilies are another option, and according to NASA, they help in filtering toxins from the air. I also have an aloe plant in my house which was gifted to my by one of my aunts and it's still flourishing since more than 3 years. With that said, I can definitely say that it's not just a low maintenance plant, but it can also last quite long if well taken care of.

I always avoid opening windows on windy days as that might bring in dust particles or any unwanted particles in the house. However, it’s also essential to open the windows to let the carbon dioxide and the harmful substances out of the house. 

Get an air purifier for the house for a cleaner environment. The device gets rid of the contaminants from the air and are beneficial for those suffering from allergies or asthmatic problems. It removes the impurities from the air, making it cleaner and healthier for everyone living in a house.

Foobot - Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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  1. Have never considered air quality in the home outside of having a carbon monoxide detector for safety, this is a really interesting gadget.


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