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exotic food of the world

When talking about tasting food and different cuisines, I’ll always be seen as the first person in the queue. Having been able to live and travel around the different countries in the world, I’ve been lucky enough to try lots of cuisines that originate from the various countries worldwide. Some of you might be aware that I’ve lived in the UAE, more specifically in Dubai for a few years and for me it was like a food heaven. Restaurants with food from all over the world have opened their doors not just for the residents but for tourists too, and since all the food served there is Halal, there have never (mostly) been any boundary for us to set when dining out. 

Exotic food I’ve tried...

I’ve been to the top restaurants in Dubai run by Michelin chefs and have tried some exotic foods such as a variety of sea food including lobster and crabs at a known Japanese restaurant in Atlantis and luckily, the restaurant is in London too. Exotic fruits such as passion fruit and loquats are also something that I've enjoyed eating. Commonly found in California, loquat is an orange coloured pear shaped fruit that tastes like a peach and mango. Native to South America, passion fruit is a golf ball sized fruit that has a hard skin and juicy seeds that can be scooped out with a spoon to eat. I’ve tried them at some fine dining restaurants in London and Kent. They’re not just served with desserts but in drinks too.
passion fruit

passion fruit

Favourite food destination... 

For me, UAE definitely gets the highest numbers for the country that has the best food and these aren’t just based on the taste but also keeping in mind the variety too. Dubai has got endless options from cheap eats to fine dining options so it’s a perfect destination for every budget. The restaurants there serve almost all the cuisines in the world, so one doesn’t need to visit Canada to try their most popular coffee place or to visit America for their famous burger joints. I’m also a fan of the Middle Eastern cuisine and Mandi, hummus, grilled halloumi, umm ali, shawarma and shish tawook are a few favourites, to name a few. If you would like to plan a trip to Dubai, then visit the website for more details. 

middle eastern food

Cuisine I'd like to try... 

There are a few cuisines that I’d still like to try and the Greek cuisine tops the list. I’ve had a look at the traditional Greek food, and it has a lot of similarity with the Turkish cuisine. In Greek cuisine I’d like to try Moussaka, a dish that has different variations but this layered Greek dish is served with sautéed aubergine, minced meat, spices, garlic, onion and tomato puree are topped with cheese and béchamel sauce. Also trying out fresh grilled fish from the Mediterranean, served at a seaside taverna with a ladholemono (a lemon and oil dressing) is definitely something I’d like to try on a pleasant evening in Greece.

greek grilled fish

Let me know about any exotic food you've tried or any cuisine that you would like to try!

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  1. I enjoyed the food in Dubai. I went to many different restaurants including middle eastern and a Michelin starred Indian restaurant and it was all great!

  2. I wouldn't mind tasting all these food. One of the things that I enjoy when I travel is trying out the local food. Dubai sounds the same as NYC, it's packed with restaurants serving different types of cuisines.

  3. Everything looks amazing, but I could never do this. I have food fear hah!

  4. I do not have a very exotic palette but my daughter ate fried tarantula in Thailand last year!! Kaz

  5. I'm with you on the food in the UAE - having been to Dubai and Abu Dhabi it has some of the tastiest food. they're so creative with spices!

  6. Well I like almost anything I have a fairly broad pallette. But interestingly enough I am going to Dubai in the near future and someone else also told me that the food was out of this world!

  7. I love trying new foods, it's a huge part of visiting a new place for me. I think Greek food is amazing, one of my favourites so I think you'll love it

  8. I love trying food from around the world, I hope you try Greek soon, it's amazing! Chinese is my favourite though.

  9. You've got me wanting to try more types of food! I like to think I eat diversly, but now I realize there's so much more to try!


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