Favourite Family Holiday Moments in Bruges, Belgium

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Top things to see Bruges, Belgium

I've been on lots of holidays since I was a child, and so I've got loads of travel memories but today I'll share some of my favourite holiday moments I spent with my 3 year old boy on our recent family trip. Travelling alone or with an adult is different compared to family travel and there are several factors that one needs to keep in mind when going on a family holiday. One of my most recent holiday to Bruges in Belgium has been one of the most memorable holidays as there are so many moments that just make me laugh only thinking about them. 

Bruges located in the northwest side of Belgium, is a historic and popular UNESCO World Heritage Site more commonly known as 'The Venice of the North' and for it's canals, medieval buildings and cobbled streets. We decided to travel to the city from Kent (UK) by car, and it took us around 4 hours to reach our destination. 

Top things to see Bruges, Belgium

When we stopped at Bruges, the temperature in the town was extremely chilly, and it was our first time when we felt the need to cover up BabyN' so much. Soon after we got out of the car to explore Bruges, he suddenly fell asleep which was really amusing as we were on a road trip since the last 4 hours and he had decided to remain awake throughout. Probably he thought it's better to cuddle up in the blanket and sleep rather than running around in something that felt like -5. We explored lots of places in the city center, but it wasn't an easy task to roam around in that weather. Even now, when we discuss about the trip, he is only able to recall some things although most of the time we spent outdoors, he was found sleeping.

Historium Bruges

Soon after exploring the town and the city center, we headed towards our hotel, our room was at one of the higher floors, and it had a window which BabyN' could easily open, and he really did. Luckily, I was with him at the time he climbed the window sill and had opened the latch when I stopped him and asked him to come down. The situation was scarier than a nightmare and I couldn't help thinking what would have happened if I wasn't around. Although this wasn't one of the favourite memories of our trip to Belgium, but it's something I can never forget and thought of sharing it with my readers to keeps their heads ups, especially when travelling with toddlers who love to explore.

Belfry Bruges

One of the most memorable things that happened during the stay was when BabyN' kept his McDonald's Happy Meal in the room's safe and locked it. Obviously, he's too little to remember the digits he must have entered while playing, so we eventually had to call the hotel's reception to get it sorted for us. Soon after, someone was sent and he was luckily able to open the safe after a 30 minute operation, and finally BabyN' got to have his dinner. Initially, it did feel embarrassing in front of the hotel staff, but I'm glad I'll be able to narrate this story to my grandchildren later. 

Top things to do Bruges, Belgium

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  1. My goodness that sounds incredibly scary with the window getting opened! I've been to Bruges but not with my kids, it is beautiful though so I'd love to take them one day.

  2. What a beautiful city. Budapest can be equally as chilly in the winter but simply stunning.

    Sounds like the window situation was terrifying!

  3. We went to Brussels for a weekend once with the kids and they loved it. We'd love to explore more of Belgium; I'll definitely check out Holiday Gems!

  4. Belgium is on our list of places to visit so we hope to pop by there sometime soon. Your stories about your little one locking his meal in the safe and opening the window is an eye opener. So glad everything was ok in the end.

  5. I'm pretty sure I visited Bruges and Belgium when I was younger! It looks beautiful, I'd love to go again now I'm older x

  6. I went to Bruges a few years ago and totally fell in love with the city. Although it was still busy with tourists it still had some much charm and character. My favourite pastime was simply walking around at dusk and seeing all the buildings lit up and reflected in the canals. x

  7. I love Belgium. I'm loving the buildings' architecture.

  8. I laughed a little about locking away his dinner! Aww haha. I've always wanted to visit Belgium and see it's architecture. Hopefully I will!

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