Top Tips to Buy Your Perfect Car!

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Top Tips to Buy Your Perfect Car!
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Last time, when we upgraded our family car, I remember observing my husband researching on cars all the time - REALLY! He spent loads of time speculating at various options available and although he did have a few things in mind, I must say that buying a perfect car is indeed a lengthy and a challenging process! By that, I do not mean that it's stressful, but the car buyer has to ensure that he or she follows certain points and therefore, I've shared my top tips to buy your perfect car in the hope that they might make your car shopping process easier! 

First things first - Do your research! 

The internet is overflowing with all kinds of information, both authentic and the one which isn't verified. In important situations such as the car buying process, it's always best to rely on the most accurate car information providing websites such as Facts, figures and the essential information including the brand, it's model and the price are the most important aspects to consider when buying a car. Choosing the best resource to gather information can make or break your case, and in this era you can easily find videos and reviews given by the previous car buyers. Not to forget, research will also enable you to get a fair price, rather than being fooled by the car dealer. 

List the features you want in the car

Get a better understanding of the car you're planning to purchase, by knowing all the important aspects. Cars have numerous features, but not all cars are suitable for everyone. For instance, we were shopping for a family car so I wanted it to have ample leg space at the back. That's because I sit with BabyN' at the back seat, especially on long drives and want to ensure that he's well entertained and happy. 

Compare prices & deals offered by different dealers 

There is no harm in getting information about the car of interest from various dealers even if they're not local to you, or aren't in the same town where you live. We personally checked all our local dealers by calling or visiting most of them, but unfortunately we weren't able to find the car of our choice. Therefore, we decided to drive a bit further from our town to collect the car we had finalized. The car show room was something around a 3 hour drive from our home, but getting the car of our choice and budget was the major consideration. 

Do not rush, make hasty or emotional decision! 

Cars are valuable and we pay our hard earned money to enjoy the benefits. Take your time to purchase by doing extensive research and collect feedback from friends and family, especially from the car owners having the same brand or make. 

Check the Health of the car 
(skip if you're buying a new car) 

If you're looking for a used car, then make sure to check the miles the car has been driven, as it determines its depreciation and true value. Generally, the lesser the miles have been covered, the better it is with regards to the health of the car. Some car dealers also offer free insurance for the car, for up to 12 months, and this insurance is generally on the parts of the car. Speak to your car dealer about this! 

Stick to the budget & Ask for Discount

Be very strict with regards to the budget as it takes no time in slipping our mind in favour of the more expensive cars. Obviously, we all want the BEST in our lives and who wouldn't want to possess a high-end luxury car, but the most unfortunate part is that there's a budget each one of us needs to consider in either situation - buying the car on cash or lease. 

It may sound a bit cheeky asking for discount, but generally car dealers have room for offering a percentage of discount on the car purchase. They definitely want to retain their prospective customer, and giving discount is in their hands too! 

Finally - Take a Test Drive!

Depending on the type of car you're planning to buy - brand new, or a used car, just ensure to go on a test drive so you know how comfortable you are with driving with the car. Test driving the car by yourself once would definitely give you an insight on the important aspects and you'll be in a better position to decide for yourself. 

Do you have any TIPS that you may want to share?

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  1. Buying a car must be very hard! I mean, I am having a hard time just buying a pair of jeans. Skinny, boyfriend or hightwaist?!😂 We never had to buy our car but for next year we will so these advises will come in handy!

  2. I'd also suggest trying out other vehicles . . . you may THINK you want a specific one, but sometimes test driving a new option can open the whole world up to you! I'm currently in the market for a van, so these are great tips.

  3. I recently had to say goodbye to my most favourite car ever :( My Mongol Rally car. I drove all the way from London to Mongolia in that thing (and back!) so when it didn't pass its test a couple of months ago I was bummed. I'm on the hunt for a new one, so thanks for the tips! Definitely agree that you should take the vehicle for a test drive and see if it's for you!

  4. I really want a car that really fits me and a comfortable car. And i agree that taking a test drive before buying it will be the first thing to do if the cars fits you. :)

  5. I definitely agree that it is very important to do your research when buying a car as it is a long term investment. I wish I had a car of my own but then again in London there is no need as the transport is so good! x

  6. buying a car must be hard. I dont drive yet so dont have to do that yet. It is important to do research not just about the car but where you are buying from as people cant be trusted

  7. I love the point you make about not rushing into it and being emotional about it-- even though buying a car is and can be an emotional process. Good job!
    XO Via Bella

  8. We are planning to buy a new one this weekend, and these will surely going to help. thanks for sharing

  9. Your tips to by perfect car is really helpful...Thanks

  10. Thanks for the amazing tips, I really enjoyed reading your blog post.


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