Tips to Set Your Perfect Home Office

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A home office is a fantastic addition to any property, not just as a place to work but as a place to study, create and relax but there are a number of different elements to the perfect home office to keep in mind. Companies like office design specialists Penketh Group are perfect as places to turn to for help, ideas and inspiration, taking the work they do for large offices and businesses and looking at how those ideas can translate to a home office.


Your home office might simply be working at the kitchen table, or a small secluded corner of the house. Ideally your home office should be a dedicated space, free from the hustle and bustle of a house. Dedicated space means you can work more efficiently, without the need to constantly clear a table for eating, doing homework or entertaining. Your own space also means you can tailor the way the room is set up and used to suit your specific needs. You might utilize your home office as a craft room, or a study. Giving yourself a set area allows you to set your office up in such a way that accommodates books, tools, or the other equipment you need to work effectively. 


Space might be at a premium, especially if the room you use for an office is the smallest one in the house. This is why storage is key in your home office, making it extremely important. Filing, shelving and organisation can be a huge help in the fight against clutter but your organisation can be tied into the decoration of a room. For example, if your home office is where you make something to sell, clothes or stationary for example, consider as an alternative to a feature wall that holds all your materials. It can still look impressive and stylish, but will evolve constantly as you use and refill. This also works with shelving and bookcases, and dedicating a wall to storage and organisation can work wonders, not just helping to keep your office tidy but also assisting you to work in the most effective way possible.


You might run your business from home, if so the technology you use in your home office can play a huge part in the work you do. This could involve having a fixed webcam and microphone allowing you to have professional Skype calls enabling you have meetings with clients without needing to travel. If you sell products or you’re a blogger you might need space for a lightbox and photography equipment to photograph your products or subjects to provide proper images for your website. You also need to think about the things that you take for granted in a regular office, printers, scanners, etc. as all need to be considered based on the work you do. 

A home office should be there to help you work more effectively rather than causing distraction. Making sure your office is equipped and able to help you do your job to the best of your abilities can help reduce stress, increase productivity and work wonders for a business.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to creating a proper office space in our house. It will indeed be easier to work away from the hustle and bustle.

  2. I did a remodel of my home office a few years ago and it really helped to make it a more efficient and distraction-free area for me. That is so important for me as I do run my business from home.

  3. I completely agree that your home office should be a dedicated space, it makes all the difference! xxx

  4. Yeah you're so right. The space and technology would be my top priority!

  5. I don't have home office space but I agree it makes all the difference. Small dedicated space automatically bring you into zone of productivity. Great tips

  6. My partner has an office space in the house which he just uses for gaming. But now that I blog I think I have more of a need to use the office space! I will start using it instead of just blogging on the sofa as there are just too many distractions!


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