Top Tips For Boosting Confidence, When Starting a New Job

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Starting a new job can be a nerve-wracking and an overwhelming experience, and the anxiety that first day can bring can make you feel less confident but thankfully, there are things you can do to help give your confidence a boost. Here are some top tips to help you feel more confident when starting a new job.

Look good to feel good

When starting a new job, it’s important to make a good impression by looking the best for your boss and your new team. This can benefit you too, as knowing that you look good can boost the level of your confidence. So, before your first day, it’s a good idea to do those things that usually help you feel good about your appearance and yourself. You could treat yourself to a haircut, facial, or a nice new outfit. Website like Simon Jersey Uniforms specialise in quality work wear, making it quick and easy to buy the ideal outfit that will leave a lasting impression. Once you’ve got your outfit sorted, make sure you’re well-groomed and get to bed extra early the night before. If you’re into fitness, it’s a good idea to make time for a run or workout at your local gym. Exercise like this, can help you get rid of any nervousness or tension  you might be feeling and release endorphin, helping you to feel happier, more positive and confident.

Be comfortable

When it comes to what you’ll wear, it’s important not just to look good but feel comfortable, as comfort can help a lot with confidence. If you feel uncomfortable – a shirt might feel too tight or a skirt too short – you’re likely to feel conscious of this, which can make you feel less confident. This can happen at those moments when you might feel a bit exposed and vulnerable, but would prefer to feel confident, like when being introduced to the rest of your team. To help ensure you feel comfortable on your first day, it’s a good idea to try on the outfit you plan to wear several days before. Make sure it’s comfortable and think about how you’ll feel wearing it all day long. This can give you time to find or buy something more comfortable instead. Also, make sure your clothing is fully ironed or dry cleaned. As well as not creating such a good impression, you’re likely to feel less confident in a shirt that’s still a bit creased than a well-pressed suit.

Try to relax

It’s okay to feel nervous on your first day – that’s perfectly normal! However, you should still do what you can to try and relax to boost your confidence. If you arrive on your first day with your body full of tension, you might appear uneasy, be a bit short with people, and be less inclined to speak to your new colleagues. Whereas, if you’re more relaxed, your mindset and body language should reflect that too. You’ll appear more at ease and feel more confident to make an effort and talk to others. To help with this, it’s wise to get to the office early on your first day to give yourself time to relax and focus. Rushing to get there, without time for a breather, can do nothing for your confidence. Instead, aim to give yourself ample time for a walk around the local area to walk off any nervous tension, or grab a coffee at a nearby cafe. Getting familiar with the area you’ll be working in can also help give you a sense of belonging, which can boost your confidence too.

Believe in yourself – and remember there’s a process

Another important thing to remember to improve your confidence when starting a new a job is to believe in yourself. Remember, you’ve been selected for the job because you have the skills or talent your new company needs. They see something in you that, perhaps, you don’t see yourself. Just keep all that in mind if you start doubting your abilities on your first day. Finally, it’s wise to remember that when starting a new job there’s process – usually a probation period and time to develop. You won’t be expected to have all the answers or impress everyone right away. Just as you won’t be expected to understand all aspects of your new job and remember everyone’s names from day one. All these things come over time, and expecting too much of yourself can lower your confidence. So try not to put too much pressure on yourself, take things one step at a time, and be prepared to ask for help if you need it. All this can help keep your confidence up, not just on your first day, but for the weeks that follow.

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  1. Imposter Syndrome is a serious thing, I started a new job a few months ago and convinced myself that everyone would hate me and realise I'm a fraud. Didn't happen though! These are great tips, my top one is always be yourself from the interview and have a talking point with you on your first day to break the ice, Mine was a Gryffindor scarf :)

  2. Some great tips I always feel nervous when I first start a job and you're right that you need to feel comfortable. I always wear flats when I work as I find them more comfortable x

  3. Great advice. I had to remember all of this recently. Going back after Maternity Leave felt like starting a new job in many ways.

  4. Such great ideas - it can be such a stressful experience starting a new job. I also make sure I do a trial run of my commute so I know where I've got to go and don't get lost!

  5. WIsh I had these tips when I started my new job, will definitely use them when I start the next!

  6. This is fantastic advice - it is so important to be comfortable otherwise the fact that you are uncomfortable will definitely show

  7. Fab tips, wish this post existed when I had my first job - I was a wreck!

  8. Some fab tips here. I definitely feel better and more motivated when I've made more of an effort with my appearance. I should start to relax a little more at work too but I'm so stressed at the moment.

    Ami xxx

  9. Looking good (for yourself) is such a great way to boost the confidence. I always got a new haircut before my first day at new job.

  10. Some really good tips here and I always feel so nervous before a new job, so clothes I am comfortable in are usually my first port of call.

  11. Amazing great tips... I absolutely love this. Definitely made me feel more confident when applying. X


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