Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

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A comfortable mattress is highly important because last time's experience of purchasing a mattress for my bedroom has not been much favourable. My husband and I decided on buying a sprung mattress from a known brand but it was terrible because the sprung serves the job of the thorns pretty well. Since we had invested an amount on the mattress already, we were in no mood to waste more money so we have stuck with the same sprung mattress. So, if you guys have any such problem as well, try adding a thick duvet on the top of the mattress and then cover it with your fitted sheet. This trick worked pretty well for us. However, just make sure to keep adjusting the duvet by removing and then placing again because duvet sinks inside after a few days, making this trick useless. I have heard lots of people facing this issue with the sprung mattress so that's why I have mentioned here as well. 

Plush pillows are also really important. We've tried the basic pillows from a local superstore. They worked well initially but soon, they flattened and so we had to add another pillow to make the pillow look like it. Those pillows were unduly economical, but are only congenial if you're an international student and need them for a very short time. The second time, we opted for a set of pillows from a known pillow brand, categorized under their hotel collection and so far, they're commendable. Also, they were on half-price so it was a bargain. You can always wait for prices to go down, normally happens after Christmas. There's a lot of variety in stores which makes it difficult to decide but once you start checking on the quality of the options available, it won't be difficult to sort them out. 

Pillow sprays are really popular nowadays and of course, a nice smelling pillow would encourage you to sleep by creating a pleasant environment. If given a choice, I would prefer lavender or vanilla for myself. 

Selection of duvets depends on the temperatures. Personally, I like light weight duvets because the heavy ones with a higher tog feel a bit suffocating to me.   

Mindfulness always works for me when I am exhausted or I'm trying to sleep but not being able to. It's really relaxing and listening to it doesn't take long to kill the tiredness, and to put one to sleep. Works well for me, you can try it out too! 

Sleeping posture is imperative and if you have any medical conditions or are looking for relaxation, then the adjustamatic beds can help solve your dilemma.  Watch this video to know more about sleep posture and about the healthiest way to sleep.

Would you like to share any of your tips for a good night's sleep?

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  1. This is so true! The right pillow and a mattress matters so much! But with... two toddlers in my bed... everything is messed up. :))

  2. I had insomnia, cured by sleeping pills and alcohol some years before I revert to Islam. Somehow, I don't know but, so far sleep is better now. Will keep these in mind though, just in case.

  3. These are some good tips... I always use lavender oil or Cedar wood oil too when I'm restless and unable to sleep... Works wonders

  4. True... good sleep makes us refreshing and makes our next day better

  5. I've had to deal with insomnia quite often so these are some pretty great tips! Will try them out next time

  6. Thanks for sharing...I have chronic insomnia so this will be useful... I especially like the pillow spray tip, will definitely try this :)

  7. Very informative! I love a good restful sleep so deffo taking tips from this post :)

  8. Comfortable mattress is definitely a must!! Can even help if you have slight back pain.

  9. your tips are excellent, I can relate to the first one which the mattress, I did the same with an extra duvet, or you can use a mattress topper.


  10. I love lavender sprays for my pillow. They make the sleeping environment so much better.


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