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mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine

I came across myLahore on the social media and was really fascinated by the name. I've been to Lahore several times and the thing that's on the top-of-mind when it comes to Lahore is that the people there are extremely generous and they love to feed their guests. It was actually in the plan to dine at myLahore when I was in Birmingham few months back, but it didn't work out due to our strict schedule. This time, I was adamant and was lucky because they have their branch in Bradford, besides Birmingham and Manchester too. 

We parked the car right in front of the restaurant door, so we just had to take a few steps to get inside. Our table was already reserved, and so we were guided towards it. BabyN' was asleep at the time we entered the restaurant, and they were kind enough to give us a sofa seating so he could carry on with his sleep comfortably. The restaurant's PRO, Mr. Mughal even bought a cushion for him, so he could have a proper sleep. I must say, he's definitely got the right position and his performance appraisal would earn him full points. Even the rest of the staff including Mr. Rehmat and Adeeb were very efficient, and got us the right order in a timely manner. 

mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine

As we had already decided on the meal prior to the visit, it didn't take long for us to order the food. Meanwhile, BabyN' woke up and was a bit cranky initially but calmed down after he was handed in the colouring book and a box of wax crayons.
mylahore bradford pakistani cuisine
beef steak mylahore
mango milkshake and virgin mojito

It didn't take long for the food to arrive - a beef mince lasagna (£6.45) for me, and a char-grilled beef steak (£14.95) for the husband. My drink was a Mango Mantra (£3.45), a mango ice cream milkshake that was thick and heavy and the sweetness was just like I wanted, and husband ordered the refreshing Virgin Mojito (£3.75). The lasagna came with fries, they do have options, I opted for Piri Piri just for some extra spice but asked them to keep some of them plain for BabyN', and although the lasagna platter was generous, I managed to finish it all.

beef mince lasagna

The lasagna was good, it wasn't much on the Italian side really, but was baked in a 'desi' Asian style and by that, I am referring to the filling and the spices used in it. The 8 oz sirloin steak was served along with a potato mash, fried rice, salad and a peppercorn sauce. I just tried a small piece of the steak and the bite that I had, tasted good. For the price of the platter, it was decent enough.  For the desserts, we opted for a Rose Falooda (£3.45) and a rice pudding or kheer (£1.75). We both were too full already especially because of the heavy Indian meal we had enjoyed the night before. I am assuming the Falooda was Lahori styled, and I think the restaurant can play around and make it a bit more exiting.  The kheer was good but a little less sweet for my taste, but for the husband, the sweetness was perfect. I prefer my desserts a bit more sweeter. 

falooda and kheer

In the end, we decided to buy some food for takeaway for the next day and agreed upon ordering a prawn biryani and chicken tikka masala. We had developed the taste for the chicken tikka masala in Dubai and just liked to have it from one particular restaurant which was near my work place. Really liked the chicken tikka masala which we later had with store bought naan breads and some lemonade the next afternoon. The prawn biryani, however, wasn't quite a biryani but I can say that it was like spicy prawn fried rice. It had peas in it too, which further made me label it as fried rice instead of a biryani!

The overall dining experience at myLahore (Bradford) was fabulous. The food is reasonably priced, it's a child-friendly place, great for a family get together. The seating was comfortable and I loved the Turkish lamps hanging on the roof of the staircase. You can check out their menu, here

Rating: 7/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes 
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: No 

Contact MyLahore (Bradford)

Telephone: 01274 308 508
Location: 348 Great Horton Road, BD7 1QJ


Have you ever heard of, or been to the MyLahore restaurant? 

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  1. I often go to the MyLahore in Birmingham but whether or not the food is authentic to Lahore I couldn't tell you lol.

    That lasagna looks delicious though mashaAllah I might have to try that next time inshaAllah

  2. Thanks for sharing, glad you like the restaurant you ate at.

  3. Food looks yum....mashaAllah. The staff seem like very well trained and thoughtful staff.

  4. Nice review. I liked that you mentioned the staff by name when you were appreciating them. Looks like a nice place.

  5. Looks sooo yummilicious! Wish i was in UK to visit. :)

  6. Finding a halal place to eat is a bliss and when it serves awesome food then it is like icing on the cake....sounds like a wonderful place from your review....

  7. That falooda looks amazing!! I love drinking a GOOD falooda!

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  9. Wow looks so delicious ❤
    And I love Desi dishes so I would love to try this restaurant.
    And yes Lahore is famous for good food so they have chosen a nice name 😁
    Pictures are extremely beautiful 😍

  10. Mmmm looks so yummy! Glad you enjoyed your experience there!


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