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Located on the Cathedral Road, the SACO serviced apartment property has the perfect location to stay when visiting Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The location is easy to approach and it's just 10-15 minutes from the town center, depending on whether you're using your own car or plan to go there by foot or any other means of transport. 

The Cathedral Road SACO serviced apartment property in Cardiff has its own allocated parking lot, an extremely important decision making point for me when choosing a place to stay. The parking is gated and secure because it's only accessible to the guests through a code and is available just at the rear of the building. From the parking lot, there was another side gate through which we had to pass to enter the main entrance and that had a different code.

The main entrance can only be accessed with a code and after entering, all you need to do is open the safe to get your apartment key. The code for the safe is provided along with the booking confirmation. Our serviced apartment was on the second floor but it wasn't an issue climbing the stairs. The building was well lit, neat clean and welcoming. Although most of the apartments in the building seemed to be occupied, we didn't hear any noise and we had a fantastic time while we stayed there. 

Our one bedroom serviced apartment property was spacious, the bedroom had an inbuilt cupboard with hangers, a safe and a hair dryer. The cupboard had enough space to keep things for 2 people. The bedroom had a comfortable bed with clean bedding, side tables with touch lamps, the lighting of which could be adjusted at three different settings, an alarm clock cum radio, a small room TV and a dressing table with a mirror.

The bathroom had L'occitane toiletries, bath mat, tissue rolls and bath and hand towels. The lounge was very spacious so BabyN' got enough space to run around and play. The TV had a free view connection and a basic WiFi which was accessible through the password in the file kept on the TV table so we could easily enjoy our time inside the property.

The fully functional kitchen had all the essentials needed for the stay - from the electronics such as fridge freezer, dishwasher, washer, toaster, kettle and microwave to metal cutlery, a set of dinner and side plates, bowls, glasses and mugs. The cabinets had serving bowls, coffee jug and the other things you can see in the photos below.

My stay at the SACO hotel apartment went perfectly fine and there was nothing to worry about the check out either because it was again, a self checkout. We just had to return the keys in the key returns box placed at the entrance. Their property on the Cathedral Road in Cardiff not just had a fantastic location, but came with secured parking. It felt just like we were at our own home! 

SACO has serviced apartment properties worldwide in different countries and as I had the independence of doing everything my way and I'll definitely keep this as an option next time I plan my trip.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel apartment? Do you prefer a hotel room or a hotel apartment? 

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  1. I love the sound of a serviced apartment, it makes everything so much easier. That kitchen is breathtaking!

    1. I think with a child, a serviced apartment is a better than staying at a hotel.

  2. What a lovely space! Looks like a great place to stay!

  3. You seemed to have had great time.
    I have stayed in hotel apartments. I would prefer an apartment, if I have to stay in hotel for several days. Mostly, I stayed in apartments close to my home, while my home was being repainted/ redecorated. :-D
    As a tourist, I would prefer a room. Well, I would prefer site seeing than staying at hotel.

  4. I have never been to Cardiff but have always wanted to visit Wales. I'll have to keep this place in mind!

  5. Such a beautiful place to live in!! I especially love the kitchen. AND your pics are amazing masha Allah!! <3

  6. This is so much nicer than just a hotel. A full kitchen is a necessity and convenient because you can make your own food. Nice.

  7. i prefer hotel apartments for sure! and this look so cozy :)

  8. Iv never stayed in a hotel apartment before! But when iv stayed in a hotel room I always get concerned who's next door incase of noise pollution lol so far iv been lucky lol

  9. I have never stayed in a hotel apartment before. I wish I had known about this during my travels last year. I love the Saco Serviced Apartments you've featured here. Definitely more space to move around and really feel at home away from home.

  10. I'll probably visit Cardiff for the a international travel bloggers conference and I'll definitely consider this accomodation!

  11. Ooooh! Love it! I wonder if they have these in the US? Thanks so much for the tip!

  12. I have become of apartments...just so much more comfortable and usually more spacious. This one looks lovely!

  13. Such a beautiful & peaceful apartment with extremely good furniture ❤
    Mmmm I would prefer a room because I have never experienced this before but love to & also because in hotel you don't have to worry about cooking & dish washing etc��

  14. This reminds me of the Centre Parcs lodges which are equally as impressive and enjoyable. I've never heard of SACO so will definitely look into it if we need somewhere to stay in the future!

  15. This hotel apartment looks beautiful and kitchen is amazing with all the essentials. It gives the feeling of the Home away home!

  16. What a gorgeous hotel rooms. Nice decoration and color combination.

    Thanks for sharing!


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