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Guys, who loves camping? You must have often heard of friends planning camping trips during summers or some of you might have also been lucky enough to have experienced such a trip! Now that's if you're living in the UK or any country that has colder temperatures during winters. When I was in Dubai, I had purchased a camp for camping but I was more interested in going for camping during winters because the summer temperatures in the Middle East are soaring hot. REALLY!!! So I would have been BBQ'd in the sun.
Don't worry if you're in the UK and are in a mood to go camping during this holiday season. The cold temperatures shouldn't be a reason to stop you from postponing your trip. That's because there are many camping sites all over the UK that are open even during winters. These sites offer various glamping facilities for every budget - from luxury holiday homes, pods and yurts to budget friendly options.
If you're looking for a winter camping site that offers cabins for a glamping experience, go no further and simply check out Loch Ness shores campsite that charge from £50 a night.
Yorkshire is a beautiful county and the Boroughbridge campsite there offers luxury holiday lodges as well. Now I love luxury holidays, who doesn't? But of course, the option you choose is totally dependent on your budget and the type of people you are planning the trip with, either with friends or family. In the Worcestershire countryside, the Blackmore campsite offers glamping all year round and offers real beds, furniture and cooking facilities to the campers. Moreover, Norfolk also has glamping pods at the Sandringham site.
In Kent, the Canterbury also has a glamping campsite available throughout the year and it is just a few miles from the holy city. Now that's very near to where I live, so I will have to think of planning a trip there soon. However, the Windermere campsite would be even better for my family because it actually sounds perfect for kids as it has a large play area too. However, these are just a few winter camping sites I've mentioned. For more, you can check our the website of Camping and Caravanning Club. They've got a list of various winter camping sites in the UK, open all year round.
There is one thing I make sure of when going on a holiday or when planning a trip, and that's my travel insurance. Similarly, I believe it is also very important to get an insurance before going for camping as well because that way, you can be at peace of mind in case anything unexpected happens. The Camping and Caravanning Club's insurance plan offers great cover for campers and caravanners. Find out more, here. You can also check out my previous post on my favourite UK holiday memories, here (P.S. It's also got something related to camping).

Have ever been for camping, or winter camping to be more specific? Would love to know your experience.

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  1. I can imagine that camping in Yorkshire would be lovely, especially in the Yorkshire dales!

  2. Gosh, I would never have thought of camping in winter. However the idea of glamping sounds like a very acceptable alternative and an exciting one.

  3. I'm not much of a camper, but I wish I was! I'm more of a glamper ;)


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