Desi Indian Meal Kits Review

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Desi Indian Meal Kits

Mostly when I cook meals at home, I prefer cooking Indian food. There are a few dishes such as biryani (rice dish with meat and potatoes) and nihari (a lamb curry), that are my favourites! If we speak about Indian meals, the choice is endless but every time I think about cooking a meal, I need to really brainstorm ideas to eventually come up with something that I end up cooking. 

When I came across Desi Meal Kits, I was really excited to try out their range of authentic and delicious yet healthy Indian meals. The term 'Desi' given to these meal kits is actually Indian and refers to anything which is traditional, and since all the ingredients are sourced from India, therefore the name. The idea behind the brand is to create fresh exotic flavours that you can enjoy at your home.

Generally, some of us don't really focus on the calories we consume or the pros and cons with reference to the health benefits but I liked the fact that the Desi Meal Kits do not have any added sugar or any agents or fillers. Also, they are low in salt content, they are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free.

The BEST part that I realised while cooking my meals using the Desi Meal Kits was convenience! Sometimes BabyN' does not let me cook because he wants me by his side all the time and sometimes I myself don't feel like cooking. These meal kits are perfect for me in those situations as they already have some of the necessary ingredients except for the fresh ones, and that's what makes the entire cooking process quicker and easier. 

Moreover, since they have already been measured, it saves so much time and I don't need to do much washing of the dishes and cutlery. Now I have this habit of using a different spoon and a plate for different ingredients which piles up the washing up that needs to be done after the preparation of the meal. Each box of Desi Meal kit has a recipe that you simply need to follow to get a hearty meal on your table. 

I have personally tried 3 of the Desi Meal kits - Baburchi Chicken, Rogan Josh and Chicken Saag. All three meal kits had onions, ginger garlic paste and a packet of spice mix with a recipe. The onions are already cooked and come in the form of a paste so every time I cooked, I just needed to heat oil in a pot and empty the sachet of onion in the pot, cook for a while before adding the ginger garlic paste, the spice mix and the other fresh ingredients. It hardly took 30 minutes for me to cook the meals. For the Rogan Josh though, if you're using red meat, it might take longer for the meat to tenderise. However, I used chicken, so it was cooked quickly. You can serve these dishes with either roti/chapati (Indian flat bread) or rice. Totally up to your liking! I served the food with homemade fresh gol chapatis (round flat breads). 

Desi Indian Meal Kits

Desi Indian Meal Kits

Desi Indian Meal Kits

You can buy the Desi Meal Kits from here (£14 for 4 packs) and the delivery within the UK is FREE! The ordering process is quite simple. You simply need to log on to their website, add a kit to your basket after which you will be diverted to checkout where you will be asked to enter the billing details and shipping address. SIMPLE! Later however, these would also be available for sale at the major supermarkets in the UK. 

I had a good experience using these meal kits and if you love authentic and healthy Indian food, then you must try these too! I am now off to cook biryani for lunch and everyone says I make really good biryani. Happy Eating guys!

Have you ever tried Indian food? What's your favourite dish?

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  1. Being in India, most of our meals are "desi" but this looks like a good option to have for days when you are too lazy for the enture process as well as on days when we run out of ideas on what to cook (and these days do come often :))

  2. OOh I love a good curry but sometimes you don't want to be fiddling with all the spices. I guess you could make veggie options with these spices right? And the packaging is lovely

    1. Do you eat Quorn sis? That's what I'm planning to use lol.

  3. It is indeed a very nice idea to try! Gonna tell my mum about this!

  4. Ready to made masalas are bliss when you are staying in far country...these look extremely yum...

  5. Oh my.. these look amazing! I was really hoping they'd be available in the U.K. when I was reading hehe. Thank you so much for your review. It sounds like they'll make a 'real' curry too. Now the question is.. do I order them immediately or wait until they hit the supermarket shelves?!
    Hmmmmmm my favourite desi dish? This is really hard. Chicken and Saag. Maybe?!

  6. Nice review,not sure they are available in our area.... My favorite Indian foid is Masala Dosa😍 how did the biryani turnout any pics ?😊

  7. I swear sometimes I dont want to cook at all!
    I love how the onions are part of the pack! absolutely HATE peeling onions! I have to try these! Especially Saag! my husband has been on my case to make saag for him!

  8. Ohh this looks like it would make cooking so much easier! Does it come with all of the ingredients or just the spices?

  9. Am a true blue Desi at heart. These packs look so.easy to make. Have never come across such.

    Love Britain, Butter chicken, all our Malabar food❤

  10. Ohhh these look so good. I honestly loveee Indian food but some of it seems a little intimidating because of all the spices and ingredients so these would be great for people like me!


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