Trip to the World's Second Most Beautiful Capital in the World - Islamabad, Pakistan

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Wondering which country has the world's second most beautiful capital? London has topped the list created by Top Ten Finds and it is followed by the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. Yes! That's the capital of my country, my beloved home town. Makes me feel so so excited and proud! 

Islamabad and I have beautiful childhood memories together. You can say we both were best summer mates and during school days, my family (and I, of course) used to go there for a refreshing holiday every year. Luckily, we had cousins there, beautiful and lovely cousins and one of them is my baby's father today. Haha - I am referring to my husband! 

Few Awesome Places to Visit in Islamabad: 

Recalling the childhood travel memories in Islamabad, the first thing that struck my mind is the beauty of the city and the lovely green hills, blue skies and beautiful views (yes, extremely beautiful!).

Rock climbing at the Margalla Hills - Islamabad is a mountainous city and I had gone for rock climbing with three big cousins. It was fun and all I could see from the middle of the mountain (that's the most I could climb at that age) were very tiny cars or dinkies that were actually real cars! One of them was ours too!

Japanese Park - Every child simply loves going to the park and during my childhood, I was no different. Didn't you when you were small? I loved the play area and all the other activities the parks had to offer and this is the reason why paying at least one visit to the Japanese Park was a must. I often used to wonder why the name 'Japanese' has been given and later found out that the park was a gift from the Japanese (yet to verify though, hehe). 

Shakarparian - This word has been derived from two words from the Patohari language that are 'Shakar and Parian.' Shakar means sweet while Parian is a place to rest. People travelling on long journeys often rest here. The place offers beautiful and lovely views of the hill and the place is extremely green, peaceful and free from any pollution. 

Rawal Lake - Oh-so-beautiful! The lake is a treat to the eyes. I remember going for a family picnic to the place. We had packed food from home and brought all the necessary things needed to enjoy the picnic.

Faisal Mosque - A very well-known, popular and an extremely intricately designed structure, the Faisal mosque is the largest mosque of Pakistan. I remember going there a fine evening with cousins and family but since I was small, all I can recall is myself running from one side to the other inside a huge empty fountain that wasn't working at that time. It seems like ages that I did not visit Islamabad and I have started bugging my husband to take me there soon again!

Recently, an Australian travel blogger had visited the northern areas of Pakistan including Islamabad and she took some really breathtaking pictures. Have you ever visited Pakistan? I would love to know which cities you have visited.

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