5 Ways to Encourage Your Child

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5 Ways to Encourage Your Child

It can feel like talking to a brick wall when we try to engage with our children, but they seek validation and encouragement just like a lot of us do as adults. Struggling to motivate your child? Here are 5 methods to try out at home, from an independent nursery in Birmingham.

1 - Set them daily goals

Break down large goals into smaller, more manageable chunks for your child to work towards. It can be easy to overwhelm a child with multiple responsibilities they’ve got to keep on top of, so to keep things more streamlined and clear in the home, invest in a whiteboard or chart to break tasks down easily.

2 - Take an interest in your child’s daily activities

If you feel interested in their hobbies and what they get up to in their spare time, show them how much it means to you when they go out and pursue their passions. It’s a great way of allowing your child to feel comfortable in their surroundings and motivate them to do what they want to do.

3 - Deliver regular praise

Praise is a key way of developing a child’s skills and confidence. By simply telling them that you’re proud of what they’re doing and happy for them as they enjoy themselves, they’re more likely to continue doing those things and develop upon them.

4 - Get involved in what they enjoy

If they’re just getting into a new hobby, offer to join them for the day to see if it’s what they want to take part in more often. Children can feel a bit more comfortable when they’re around their parents who can cheer them on when they’re feeling nervous, and you can make them feel at ease if you’re making the same mistakes as they do.

5 - Talk to your child about their concerns

Are there things that are holding your child back from fear or something that’s been said to them on the playground? Even the little things can affect a child, so be sure to have regular chats with them to see where they are and if they need any assistance. Offer a helping hand wherever you can.

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