Family Dinner at the Halal Lebanese Restaurant 'Liban Tapas' in South Woodford, London

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Located in South Woodford, Liban Tapas opened in December 2018. The word ‘Liban’ means Lebanese in French and the fine dining restaurant offers a traditional Lebanese menu with a bit of French influence. The restaurant welcomes everyone to dine in and enjoy the food that’s served and they’ve also got 3 different dining areas to meet the expectations of all the diners. 

Besides a main restaurant area with a formal sitting, perfect for family dinners or dinner dates with a loved one or with friends, there’s a sunroom that looks onto the terrace and another covered indoor section known as the Souk which is perfect for casual meet-ups with friends. Also, the outdoor all-year-round Parisian Terrace is perfect if one wants to enjoy Shisha! 

Since Liban Tapas is open from 11:00 am till midnight, the restaurant has an all day menu that includes sharing tapas plates and Lebanese desserts all of which is freshly prepared in their kitchen. Being the first Lebanese restaurant in South Woodford, Liban Tapas also has an edge as it also offers menu via Deliveroo and UberEATS - perfect for those who want to enjoy the meal at home or at work. Liban Tapas offers a selection of simple and healthy items on the menu for all kinds of diets - offering vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options that suits everyone’s needs. 

From the taste of the food, it was quite apparent that local Lebanese ingredients had been used to prepare the food, and everything had been freshly prepared in the kitchen. We opted for Meal 2 in the menu and started the meal with the Fattoush, a salad consisting of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint, onion, radish, summac and Lebanese bread. I really liked the salad to start off the meal, and the crunchy taste added by the bread was brilliant.  

Alongside the Fattoush, we were also served the homemade Liban hummus which we devoured with fresh pita. The creamy taste of the hummus was enough to tell that the starter had been freshly prepared for us. We also enjoyed Motabaal with the pita, a starter prepared with grilled aubergines and tahini.

To flush down the delicious food, we ordered a few mocktails from the drinks menu - Ginger & Apple sour for myself and Mediterranean breeze for the husband and later also tried the Virgin Mojito (£5.5 each). Mediterranean breeze was the best and the taste of raspberries, lychee juice, fresh lime, almond syrup worked well in elevating the flavour. The Virgin Mojito was soda mixed with fresh mint, fresh lime and a syrup and it tasted slightly tangy, so it wasn't on the sweeter side. In Ginger & Apple sour, the taste of ginger was quite dominant but overall it's a good option. 

I'm quite a fan of Halloumi, so also opted for the Halloiumi fries (£8) from the sides and Chicken liver (£7.5) from the list of the other tapas dishes available on the menu. The fries were crispy and delicious while the chicken liver served in pomegranate sauce was appetising too. These two dishes weren't a part of the set menu 2 that we choose, but has to be ordered separately. We were also served a plate of calamari, which we had'nt ordered as we do not eat it, but I got it packed and a friend who tried mentioned they were quite good. 

Another tapas, a part of the menu was soujok and I was trying it first time so I  had no idea how they would taste. Soujok is a spicy sausage smothered in butter and served with a slice of lemon. It had a strong flavour, but noting had been overdone. Kibbneh, deep fried lamb balls had a crispy covering of cracked wheat and were filled with sautéed mince and pine nuts.

Next up was the batata harra which were actually spicy fried potatoes that had been garnished with coriander, lemon sauce, chilli and garlic. I'm not too fond of very spicy food but I had no issue tasting the tapas as the spices were on point. I'm sure most of you must have heard of Falafel, especially those who have been to any of the Middle Eastern countries. It's kind of a dumpling prepared with chickpeas and broad beans and is served with tahini and garlic sauce. Freshly prepared falafels are crispy on the outside and soft inside, and this was exactly how it should have been! 

For the mains, we opted for mixed grill, that was served in a rectangular dish alongside a bowl of saffron rice and consisted of mixed grill Kafta, lamb meshawi, shish taouk and lamb chops. The grilled food had been cooked to perfection and we were really impressed with the quality of meat that had been used. 

For the desserts, we opted for Beirut Crêpe (£9) that was served warm with fresh fruits inside the crepe and was well presented on a round slate with a few berries outside and generously drizzled chocolate sauce on the top. The second dessert, the Kunafeh (£8), a traditional Arabic dessert is a cheese party soaked in a sweet sugary syrup and even that had been freshly prepared as it was warm when it was served on our table. There are a few variations of the recipe and this one included fine semolina dough which was the second layer that was then garnished with crushed pistachios. Our third choice from the dessert menu was the Al Manara Kulfi Pot (£6.5) that was served in an attractive ceramic bowl. The kulfi tasted great, and was quite enjoyable! 

Liban Tapas has parking available in front of the restaurant (free for first 30 minutes and after 6:30 pm, otherwise it’s £1.5 per hour). Also, those commuting by train can reach the restaurant just after a 5 minute walk from the South Woodford Station. 

My family and I had a stupendous experience at Liban Tapas and although we savoured all the dishes we tried, there were some that were our favourites from that evening. The service was brilliant, and the way in which we were looked after by the staff was commendable. I really loved the tastefully done interior and the colour scheme that have been adopted and after sunset, the candles flickering on all the tables, made the ambience even more welcoming. Since it's a fine dining restaurant, the prices are on a steeper side than what we pay at the casual restaurants, so it also makes it a great place to dine on special occasions.  

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Fine Dining
Halal Options: Everything is Halal
Child-Friendly: Child friendly & baby changing available
Alcohol Available: Yes
Location: 190 George Ln, London E18 1AY
Contact: 020 8989 5356
Website: Liban Tapas
Prices mentioned here are taken from the menu card that was available at the restaurant. 

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  1. The tapas looks divine! I would love to give this restaurant a try when I am next in London :)

  2. OOh the food looks wonderfully fresh. I would have been delighted to have been presented with that calamari as it is my favourite! Great opening hours too!

  3. Now this sounds like my kind of restaurant! Love the idea of fusing Lebanese and French flavours to share.

  4. I've never tried Tapas before but would like too.

  5. 8 love the sound of sampling a new cuisine like this in tapas form so you get a wide choice. I’ve never tried hollumi fries but the chicken liver and soujak sausages would be something I would enjoy. Nice to read it was a freshly made too

  6. This place looks lovely. Everything is vibrant colourful and the food looks yummy xx

  7. Love the look of the tapas! Presentation and decor there looks brilliant xx

  8. Oh wow I live next to South Woodford and didn't know about this restaurant! Will definitely have to give it a visit.

  9. This is a type of food I have never tried before, but I am always looking for new foods to try and the food looks delicious in your pictures so maybe I shall have to give it a try :)

  10. Oh my goodness, it is a wonder any of you could do more than waddle out! The food looked delicious and there was certainly plenty of it. I really like that they have a variety of seating areas to suit the occasion, I think other places would benefit from this too.

    All I can think about now is delicious creamy houmous!

  11. This restaurant looks like exactly the kind of place I'd want to go to if I was to spot it while passing by. I will have to bear it in mind for the next time I visit London.

  12. Lebanese is one of my favourite cuisines, and you picked some of my favourites. You can't beat some humous and halloumi x

  13. Mellissa Williams15 January 2019 at 08:00

    Wow, the food looks absolutely incredible! I really need to try more Lebanese cuisine!

  14. I love Libanese food, they are good with their veggies! The food you tasted look amaizing.

  15. It looks liek you had a fab time and the food looks great.


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