Easter Sunday Dinner at Las Iguanas - London, UK

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 Las Iguanas London

We had our Easter Sunday dinner at Las Iguanas, a Latin American themed casual dining restaurant chain that serves Brazilian, Spanish & Mexican food and has 54 restaurants all over the UK. We stopped by at their Brunswick Square restaurant in London at 6:30 pm and easily found a nearby parking spot. Since it was a bank holiday evening, the streets were quite empty and parking was free too. However, I believe street parking is also free after 6:30 pm even on regular days. It is also close to the Russell Square tube station, thus making it convenient for everyone to enjoy the food. 

Las Iguanas was founded in 1991 when it opened it's first restaurant in Bristol before expanding to the other big cities in the UK - Bath, Manchester, London and Edinburgh. The menu includes Latin American classics such as Nachos, Burritos, Xinxim, Fajitas and a range of tapas with other dishes such as burgers and steaks alongside a legendary cocktail menu. 

Pina Colada Las Iguanas London

The lamb, chicken and duck at Las Iguanas restaurants are Halal, and they also have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options for the diners. We tried their two course Nightlife menu (£14.95 for starter and main) served Sunday to Thursday 6:30 pm onward. We also decided to order another starter from their al-a-carte menu. Las Iguanas also currently has a buy 1 get one free offer on the cocktails, so the diners can get two same cocktails for the price of one. I really like Virgin Pina Colada (£4.95), and luckily it was in the menu so I ordered it without any second thoughts. For the starters, we ordered Pato Taquito and Albondigas. 

Chicken Wings Las Iguanas

The chicken wings (4 for £6.60) are served with a choice of sauces that include three options and we opted for the honey peri peri sauce. The freshly cooked tender chicken wings served with the sticky and syrupy sauce were delectable. 

Our other two starters were Pato Taquito and Albondigas and both were full of flavour and tasted great. Pato Taquito was a char-grilled flour tortilla with roast duck and caramelized onion and was served with a cranberry salsa. The taste of the dish itself was good as it had been seasoned really well, but the combination with the cranberry salsa further enhanced the taste, making it really tantalizing. Albondigas was Patagonian-style lamb meatballs braised in a rich tomato, mint and mild chili sauce and was served with ciabatta. The good-sized meatballs were flavoursome, and the sauce had a mild tangy taste. The flavour wasn't overdone, yet was enjoyable. 

Pato Taquito Las Iguanas

Pato Taquito Las Iguanas

Albondigas Las Iguanas London

The first main was Blazing Bird, half chicken served with a sauce and options for the sauce include honey peri-peri, spicy BBQ jerk and Vivo (flaming hot habanero). I opted for the last one as we had already ordered the chicken wings with the honey peri peri sauce. Vivo was tangy and tasted almost similar like the tamarind chutney that I make at home. Although the first bite was enjoyable, but for me just a little bit of sauce was enough with each bite as the sauce was full of flavour. The chicken is served with slaw and on the menu, there were a few options for the choice of fries or salad. I was asked to order from the potato fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings and I opted for the sweet potato fries as I really love them. However, I wasn't aware of the fact that I'll be charged extra for that. Our bill mentioned 50 pence extra for the sweet potato fries which came to us a surprise, and although our waiter was really good and it isn't even a huge amount but I think we should have been told about this when ordering. 

Blazing Bird Las Iguanas London

The second main was Enchilada, a hand-rolled tortilla with smoky chipotle sauce and was served on a bed of spring onion rice and beans. When ordering the Enchilada, we had two options to choose from that included a vegetarian and a non-veg option so we opted for the latter - spicy chicken, pepper, onion & cheese. After seeing the massive serving (Blazing Bird) in front of me, I could hardly eat a couple of spoons of the Enchilada. The beans were well-cooked, and the cheese topped on the tortilla worked perfectly! 


Although we had skipped lunch that day, we were quite full after the starters and the mains at Las Iguanas because the portion sizes were really generous. Therefore, we just ordered one dessert to share, which was Pina Colada Mess (£5.50), a dessert that came with pina colada ice cream and was topped with  caramelised pineapple salsa, crispy pineapple pieces and toasted coconut chips. The combination of the ice cream with the toppings was quite good, and it wasn't too heavy, so it was the perfect choice for us!

Pina Colada Mess Las Iguanas

We had a great evening at Las Iguanas, and it was value for money. I was really impressed by the generous portion sizes, and with the hospitality of the staff. The restaurant is child friendly too, as BabyN' was handed over a colouring and activity sheet with colours as soon as we got seated and Las Iguanas also has a kid's menu that includes a main, dessert and drink for £5.90. 

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Options: Chicken, Lamb & Duck are Halal
Child-Friendly: Yes, but I couldn't find a baby changing facility & there are steps heading to the entrance of the restaurant
Alcohol Available: Yes

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  1. I absolutely love Mexican food but there's no Las Iguanas near me which is sad x

  2. What an amazing sounding meal you had, I have to admit Las Iguanas is one restaurant I haven't been to but I keep hearing about I'll have to make it some time!

  3. I discovered Las Iguanas in January and we've been back three times already - I love their food and cocktails

  4. I haven't been to Las Iguanas for years, but always loved it when we did. Such a fun place to eat!

  5. I don't think there is a Las Iguanas restaurant near me. I would like to go and taste their take on latin american food. I am not a fan of chicken, so I probably wouldn't order that, but the Pato Taquito and Albondigas sound lovely!

  6. I wish I'd gone to my local Las Iguanas for dinner on Easter Sunday. I love their food! I'm super jealous of you right now. You've got my mouth watering :)

    Louise x

  7. I keep meaning to go to the Las Iguanas in Manchester as it is highly recommended. That food looks delicious and the kids' menu is a great price

  8. The chicken wings have to be my favourite dish at Las Iguanas. I love them with the vivo sauce! YUMMY!! xxx


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