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hankies cafe soho london

Dining at the Hankies Cafe in Soho was one of the treats my family and I enjoyed during the Easter break. At first I was a bit concerned about the availability of parking but on calling up the manager of the Hankies Cafe, I was told that I could find a parking at the Soho Square which was hardly 5 minutes walk from the cafe. Normally, the parking charge at the Soho Square in London is £4.9 per hour. However, we got lucky as it was a bank holiday and the parking was free. Also, we didn't have to pay the congestion charge so that was a bonus! We were easily able to locate the Hankies Cafe on the main street and it took no time for us to settle down. The interior and sitting area has an Indian cafe-like touch with wooden tables and benches which were however, comfortable for me and actually reminded me of my university days.

nimbu pani

We started off with the drinks which were Nimbu Pani (£4) and Guava & Tonic (£4). They both came with ice but since BabyN' is very fond of drinks, we decided to get rid of the ice because the drinks were already cold. As the name suggests, the guava drink had guava and naturally light fevertree and had a slightly bitter taste. Nimbu Pani consisted of ginger syrup, lemon, soda and mint was refreshing and sour but personally, the sweeter version appeals me more.

chive prawns

lamb chops

fish tikka

Starting off with the food, we first had the Yellow Chili Fish Tikka (£5), Chive & Garlic Prawn (£6.5) and Chili Lamb Chop (£4.5). All of these came in small plates, with some salad and a yogurt dip in each plate. I enjoyed all of these thoroughly and added some lemon on my fish tikka for an extra flavour after which it tasted even better. 

dahi puri

kachori poppers

Moving on, we tried the Dahi Puri (£4) and Kachori Poppers (£4.5). I love Dahi Puri and these ones were sweet with yogurt and tamarind chutney so I totally enjoyed it. Husband prefers the Pani Puri so he found them sweeter and that gave me a chance to get an extra share for myself! The Kachori Poppers were served hot and crispy. Pairing up with the tamarind chutney further enhanced the flavour but they're best enjoyable when eaten fresh. 

Next up were the mains, which were again in small portions but perfect for 2 to share and another plus point is that you can have variety because the portion sizes aren't massive and therefore, priced accordingly. If you've read my previous posts, you would know that I love eating at buffet restaurants because of the variety available there. So I liked the concept of small plates served at Hankies as I was able to enjoy an assortment of food.

chicken dhaba

kidney and keema

Kidney & Keema (£5.5) and Chicken Dhaba (£5.5) were next, that we considered as mains and these were served with the hankies, more popularly known as the 'Roomali Rotis' in the subcontinent. I've had loads of them before so I knew about these type of rotis. They are really thin (say like a paper) and big in size. Now don't worry about the size because they're really thin, so an adult can easily eat 2 at a time! The roomali rotis are actually hand spun till they're thin enough to read through and then cooked on a hot roomali round black tawa that looks like a huge bowl turned upside down. Having said enough of the hankies, let me also tell you that both the mains were delectable and appetizing. 

truflle roomali hankies cafe london

roomali roti hankies cafe london

We ordered the normal hankies (£1.5 each) and a truffle hankie/Roomali roti (£4.5) just to try this version of the Hankies Cafe. The truffle Hankie was actually a normal hankie with butter and folded with some shredded cheese in between. I was expecting the cheese to be melted but it hadn't, and although it did taste good, it could have been even better with melted cheese oozing out. 

To end the meal, we ordered a Gajar/Carrot Halwa (£4) and Pistachio Kulfi (£4). Both our selections were on point because they were both AMAZING! The carrot halwa was served warm and was topped with some cream, just like the way we like it and I have no words for the Kulfi as it was AWESOME! Also tried the Gulkand/Rose Kulfi (£4), which was slightly sweeter than the pista kulfi but I totally loved it! For me, the Kulfi was actually the 'showstopper!'

gajar ka halwa

kulfi london

Definitely going there again, and would highly recommend Hankies Cafe in Soho (London) to you guys too! 
Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes (all, except for sheek kebab)
Child-Friendly: Yes
Alcohol Available: Yes

Contact Hankies Cafe: 
Telephone: 020 78 716021
Location: 67 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 6EX

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  1. Thanks for reviewing the restaurant, the food photos look so lovely and yummy

  2. The food looks all yummy... Wish I could see more of the interior, too. Not that it's the point of eating but usually when I eat out, the right ambiance help with "digestion".

    1. I do remember taking photos of the interior, maybe I’ll add a few here or otherwise, you can see them online. The photos are easily available.

  3. Oh wow that does all look amazing. Will try to visit there next time we are in London. Want to try the drinks

  4. Food looks finger looking....hope you had wonderful experience.....that chat is droolsome....

  5. That looks so amazing and your words and photos captured the restaurant well. Maybe someday i would visit inshaAllah.

  6. That nimbu pani looks amazing and like you I love how there are little servings of everything! It all looks SO good!

  7. Mmm it all sounds and looks delicious! If I'm even in London I'll have to remember this place, in shaa Allah =)

  8. Oh my God such delicious food ��
    I want to eat all these delicious dishes ��
    Wonderful review.
    Enjoyed reading it��
    Beautiful Pictures.


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