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pure indian cooking halal indian food

Authentic Indian cuisine is one of my favourites, and there are a few dishes that I cook at home regularly. Recently, I dined at Pure Indian Cooking, a restaurant on the Fulham high street, known for it's authentic Indian cuisine. Now this is a restaurant  whose kitchen is headed by a female chef, passionate about food and her knowledge for different cuisines is immense. Ever heard of that before? Generally, the male chefs are seen in the limelight so it was intriguing when I heard about a lady chef, and was really looking forward to the dining experience at Pure Indian Cooking.

It was a Friday evening and since we had a very light lunch, my husband and I reached the restaurant at 6:00 pm. There was easy access to free parking on the street, just behind the restaurant and is also available on the front but after 7:00 pm. It's always lovely to dine at a restaurant which is not much crowded and therefore, we often like to choose slightly odd timings. However, I've often observed that whenever we visit a restaurant, the diners start pouring in after some time so maybe we just get lucky for the restaurants where we go!

pure indian cooking halal indian food

We started off with the pre-starter options that included Papad (poppadums) that were served with assorted chutneys (£1.5) and Taste of Mumbai (£4), that included Bhel (rice crispies salad), Pani poori, Papdi chaat (wheat crisp toppings). I was really looking forward to the pani poori because it had been a VERY long time since I last had it. Both the pre-starters were beautifully served and the platter had been styled creatively! 

pani poori
pani poori

Once we were done with the pre-starters, next up was the sharing board (£13) that included malai lamb chops, tandoori paneer & vegetables, malai tikka, seekh kebab, spinach salad and curried cashewnuts which were served in a cute little bowl. The board actually includes chilli fried squid but we replaced it with the lamb chops. The starters were fantastic especially the malai lamb chops, they were the BEST I've ever had. The chops had been cooked well and we didn't have to struggle to rip off the meat from the bone but it came off easily and melted in the mouth. Also enjoyed the rest of the items and although there was a green chutney on the board, we didn't really need it because the food itself was seasoned well. 

malai lamb chops

After an delectable meaty session, the table soon filled up with the mains, which were Lamb Sukke (£12), Kalimirch ka Murgh (£11) and lamb biryani (£13). We actually wanted to try the Achari lamb shank but the Halal version was unavailable, so settled upon the Lamb Sukke, a Maharashtrian styled lamb cooked in dry spices. This was the first time I was trying out a dish from Maharashtra and I had no idea what to expect. When it was served, the meat was tender and tasted quite good with the Laccha Paratha (£2.5). Even kalimirch ka murgh was something I was trying first time but I had an idea what it would be. Kalimirch refers to black pepper and murgh is chicken in Hindi, and malai chicken tikka in this case, which had been cooked in cashew nuts, yogurt, fresh mint and black peppercorn. The spices in the curry were subtle and the food was filling. 
Lamb Sukke

Kalimirch ka Murgh

lacchha paratha

I was too full after trying the food and was actually a bit occupied in keeping BabyN' busy because he was a bit cranky and wanted to sit on my lap instead of sitting on his own chair. Luckily, I had the iPad in my hand bag, so it came in handy. Husband is really fond of lamb biryani so he went ahead to try it and I decided to enjoy my share later at home. We both love biryani and the one we were served at Pure Indian Cooking in London was fantastic. REALLY! It looked homemade, just like we cook at home with lots of love and care, the spices were on point and the lamb had been cooked well so full points from my side! 

The restaurant has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. We opted for the mocktails - Passion Delight, Red Smash and Pineapple and Mint Affair. The best of these for me was the last one I tried.

lamb biryani
You all know how fond I am of the last course of the meal, isn't it? So this time, it was Pistachio ice cream (£4) and Apricot Halwa (£5). It had been a while since I last enjoyed a proper Pista ice cream because the last time I had it at a restaurant, anyone could have easily said that justice hadn't been done to it. However, this one was quite good. Not sure, if it was made in the house or if it had been outsourced. 

I like apricots and really enjoy the apricot delight that I make at home. I wasn't actually expecting this apricot halwa to be served in such a presentable manner and in that style. It tasted great, loved the combination of a hot a cold dessert. There was a layer of cardamom crumble on top of the apricots and since it had been freshly prepared, the dish was still hot. Pairing it with vanilla ice cream was indeed the BEST decision! 

Pistachio ice cream

apricot halwa
The idea behind Pure Indian Cooking is to provide real Indian flavours to the diners and they're really working hard to prove it right. The overall dining experience at the restaurant was marvelous, and I would definitely recommend you guys to try it out! 

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes (Please double check for some items)
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: Yes

Contact Pure Indian Cooking: 

Telephone: 020 7736 2521
Location: 67 Fulham High StreetSW6 3JJ


How often have you heard of a lady chef heading a restaurant's kitchen? 

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  1. Wow. I'm already drooling over your pictures. The food presentation is also neat. I'd love to try Apricot Halwa. I had once here in my place and it was delicious. Great review. :)

  2. Wow. I'm a big fan of Indian food. Normally cook at home for the hubby (he's Tamil) --- Your list here looks 10/10. I have to go back to cooking at home. Third trimester had made me lazy, and its 2 weeks of "not really" cooking anything. I miss curries.

  3. We really enjoyed our time there too. It just goes to show that there so much more than unimaginative and rather insipid Brick Lane curries...

  4. Love your pics of the food and review too. The apricot halwa is something new for me. Sounds yum though :-)

  5. Everything looks soo delicious!!!! The cardamom crumble with the vanilla ice creams sounds like a dream lol - yum!

  6. Wow, that apricot halwaaa!!! Omg delicious, would have loved to dive in through the screen.

  7. Mmm your pictures are mouthwatering!!! Whenever I eat Indian cusine I'm always too full to fit in dessert.

  8. yummy, your pictures make me want to try this restaurant out. The food looks tasty. The prices are not so bad too.


  9. Wowm all of the foood looks really delicious. Yeah it is quite rare to find a female lead chef

  10. I don't live ib london. But mashallah this was a a good review.


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