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coriander hatch end

Coriander in Hatch End serves Indian Bangladeshi cuisine, and that's where I was with my family and friends on one of the Saturday afternoons last month. Like my usual habit, I had already gone through every tab of their website to have an idea of the restaurant, it's interior and the menu, and therefore, we had already decided the dishes we would like to try, prior to the visit. 

Location & Parking:

On a Saturday afternoon, we easily found free parking just across the street which was a bonus for us because it just feels great finding a good parking spot in London without a hassle. Coriander was right in front of us when we got out of the car and being on the main street, it wasn't difficult to find. However, our friends were unable to find a parking in that lot, so they had to go elsewhere and that place was also nearby, but was a charged parking. 

Seating & Interior: 

From the outside, Coriander seemed like a restaurant that wouldn't be able to accommodate many diners, but from the inside, the dining area was pretty decent, it has a bar and lots of space to accommodate people. 

coriander hatch end


coriander hatch end

The Dining Experience: 

Our meal started off with Poppadums, both plain and spicy and were served with assorted restaurant's homemade chutneys and dips. I'm sometimes a bit fussy when it comes to chutneys because my grandmother and mum prepares really good homemade chutneys/sauces/dips, whatever you feel like calling them. However, Coriander's chutney palate was perfect. While we were waiting for the friends to join in, I ordered a Pina Colada for myself and a mocktail for the husband. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name and they also do not have it on their website because they have recently updated their restaurant menu. I also tried the mango lassi, which was amazing, actually addictive! It was rich, creamy and refreshing. 

pina colada

mango lassi


For the starters, we ordered their sea food platter (£16.95) that consisted of prawn puri, fish tikka and king prawn butterfly. The fish tikka had been marinated well and was piquant. We also tried the lamb chops, they had been spiced well but were slightly chewy and the meat wasn't slipping off easily. I had to grab the one on my plate in my hand and bite, which did require some force. 

lamb chops

butterfly prawns

prawn puri


I liked the prawn puri, the prawns inside the puri (flatbread made of white flour, deep fried in hot oil) tasted great. They weren't over spiced and were a tiny bit sweet. There was also a palate of shingara which was actually a mini potato samosa or 'alu ka samosa,' that I had been longing to have since quite some time. The samosa itself tasted good but paired up with the chutneys, it was even better and enjoyable! The starters were already so filling that at this stage I thought I won't be able to eat more. My drink finished by that time and as I was thinking what to get for myself, we were recommended Mango Lassi and ordering it was a good decision. Loved it! The consistency was perfect and it was refreshing.

mixed grill

Moving on to the mains, the first thing that I tried was the piping hot and sizzling Tandoori Mixed Grill (£12.90) which had been cooked and spiced well and eating them with chutneys was a fantastic idea! The mixed grill consisted of a chicken tikka, seekh kebab, chicken pieces and was served with a naan bread so we didn't have to order it separately. 

Also tried the biryanis on the menu - both lamb (£9.90) and special mix biryani (£11.90). The only difference between the two was that the latter had chicken, lamb and prawns in it. They were served with the mixed vegetable curry. However, I wasn't expecting that to be served and since I had already tried lots of things, I got it packed and had it the next day with the naan bread which I already had at home. I liked it because it was appetizing and tasted more or less same like how my mum cooks. 

The Lamb Shank Xacuti (£13.90), the signature dish of Coriander, was recommended to us and we were happy that we decided to go with it. It was very well cooked and the lamb came off the bone very easily. Really liked it, it wasn't just beautifully presented but was belly-filling too.

mixed vegetables coriander hatch end

naan coriander hatch end

naan coriander hatch end

paratha coriander hatch end

Okay so by now, we all were extremely full and were not at all sure about whether to have desserts or not. Eventually when I had gone to freshen up after the meal, I got a pleasant surprise seeing Ras Malai and Carrot halwa on the table. Husband had ordered and I was surprised because earlier, when I had checked the menu online, these items weren't listed on the desserts menu of Coriander. Later, we discovered that the restaurant's menu had been updated.

ras malai and carrot halwa

Normally, I think that these kind of desserts served at Indian restaurants are not according to my taste but Coriander was totally on point. The Ras Malai was fantastic and so was the Carrot halwa. The decent sized ras malai balls were soft and melted in the mouth while the carrot halwa or gajar ka halwa was infused with natural flavour of carrot and was scrumptious and irresistible. At the end of the meal, we were provided hot towels on our table, which was a lovely touch. 

End Notes: 

The overall dining experience at Coriander (Hatch End) was fabulous. The food was great, it's reasonably priced, and the flavours were on point. The restaurant is a child-friendly place, perfect for a family get together. You can check out their menu, here

Rating: 8/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes 
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: Yes 

Contact Coriander:

Telephone: 020 8428 8166
Location: 282 Uxbrige Road Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4HS

What's your favourite Indian dish and why? 

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  7. It looks like quite a nice place, I am a big fan of Indian cuisine and my favourite dish has to be chickpea curry and I love mango lassis and chai tea.

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