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When it comes to exploring the city of London, there are always endless activities and restaurants to try out. I had heard of the Brick Lane being of the most popular destination for Bangladeshi curry houses in London, I never got a chance to dine there. 

As soon as I entered the Brick Lane in London, I knew where we were as I could spot lots of Bangladeshi curry restaurants. As we weren't much aware of the parking in the area, we rather decided to park the car on the first empty spot we found and decided to walk to City Spice, also known as the King of Brick Lane. It was a REALLY chilly night and it felt like I was walking inside a freezer. It was much apparent and is even true that the Bengali community introduced the idea of curry houses in Brick Lane, and today, the choices of restaurants there have increased. 

City Spice serves classic Bangladeshi food, and it was my first time trying out this cuisine. Along with curries, they also have their award winning Bangladeshi signatures dishes on the menu. They have decent sized seating, both upstairs and downstairs, and the whole restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people at a time. 

city spice brick lane halal london

mango lassi city spice london

shingara bengali cuisine london

My husband and I decided on the starters and mains, and meanwhile, we were served some Poppadums with assorted chutneys and our drinks that included a lemonade (£1.95), pineapple juice (£2.25) and a mango lassi (£2.95). For the starters, we tried the Prawn Puree, Shingara and Aloo Chop. I've had prawn puree and potato shingara before as well so I had an idea how it would be and what I should expect. The shingara (£3.95), was a pastry filled with chicken tikka, vegetable and cheese. From the taste, I knew that it had been freshly prepared and it reminded me of the days when I was studying business administration because it tasted almost similar like the popular cheese rolls sold in my institution's cafe. The prawn puree (£4.95) was actually prawns in a gravy wrapped up in a deep fried puri. The flavours of the prawn filling were coming through but I found it a bit heavy for my appetite, well that's how the puris are supposed to be, but this one was slightly oily. 

 bengali cuisine london

city spice halal london

Aloo chop (£3.75) actually consisted of lamb meat and spicy mashed potato, which had been deep fried in a thick coating. All the starters were served with fresh green salad and a slice of lemon but the little thing that squeezes fresh lemon juice was really a nice touch because I don't like squeezing lemons with my hands and that's why I keep a bottle of already squeezed lemon juice at home.  

city spice halal london

Next up were the mains, we tried chicken tikka biryani (£9.95) which I really liked. I was told that it was mild in taste, but the taste was perfect for me with a good flavour of spices coming through and if you want it even spicier, they had even added some fresh chilies to munch. I tried one small piece of the sliced chili and it was really spicy so couldn't develop the courage of having another one. The chicken tikka pieces in the dish were generous and for me, the biryani itself was spicy so I didn't need anything else to further enhance the flavour. 

chicken tikka biryani london
sylheti lamb shank bengali

Also tried the Sylheti lamb shank (£14.95) with some paratha and a piece of cheese garlic naan (£3.50) and really liked it. The meat was coming off the bone easily, it had been slow roasted in Bengali style and the portion was great! I actually wasn't aware of the portion size so had ordered a lamb jalfrezi as well, but that lamb shank itself is good for 2 to share. 

Okay so when we were ordering, I was thinking for a lamb thali but then I though it would be too much, and on recommendation of the staff, I agreed upon lamb jalfrezi (£8.95). I was told that it was spicy and it REALLY was! We both were too full, so we didn't even think of looking at the desserts menu. At City Spice, the staff was friendly and made sure that our needs were met well. It was a Saturday evening when we dined at there, and the restaurant was extremely busy! The food was reasonably priced, and the restaurant is a child-friendly place. You can check out their menu, here

lamb jalfrezi bengali london
Rating: 7/10 
Pricing: Mid-Range 
Halal Meat: Yes 
Child-Friendly: Yes 
Alcohol Available: Yes 

Contact City Spice:
Telephone:  020 7247 1012
Location: 138 Brick Lane, London - E1 6RU

Have you ever tried Bengali cuisine? How has your experience been?

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  1. I have never tried this cuisine and I've always been a bit wary of spicy foods, but if I'm going to try it Brick Lane is the place to go x

  2. I do enjoy spice foods. My dad is Indian so curries is a way of life for me. The Sylheti lamb shank looks and sounds amazing. I also like the fact that they cater for both and serves alcohol beverages

  3. I am in brick lane quite a lot because I shoot around the area and found the restaurants that I tried to not live up to their hype. I was however recommended to try this one so I am looking forward to seeing what their veggie menu is like and I do have a penchant for mango lassi.

  4. This place must be one of my favorites if I could visit it! The indian food looks delicious !

  5. New restaurant finds are always a delight, especially if the food is delish. I love spicy food. I wonder if I can handle some of the things you had here.

    BTW when I am in the work kitchen, I get my hands in everything. I get down and dirty. But when it comes to eating, I really kind of hate eating with my hands or using my hands to touch any of the food. I'd eat bread with a knife and fork if I could lol. So that lemon squeezer would really have been a nice touch for me too!

  6. this looks so good!! I love Indian food so much and I cant find a good place in my town

  7. I'm a food blogger and always love to read posts about restaurants (even if I'll probably never go there). One never knows where they'll find inspiration! Thanks so much for your post!

  8. there are two things I have never done, and must fix immediately - one, I have never been to London. And two, I never had this type of cuisine. I am sure there is somewhere a restaurant around here that specifies in something similar, so I am going to go restaurant hunting, lol - blessings!


  9. This sounds like a great restaurant... King of Brick Lane, wow! Sounds fabulous indeed!

  10. I've tried prawn puri at an Indian restaurant but I believe that every restaurant has their own recipe that they follow and the taste differs in different restaurants.


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