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shaam nights cardiff halal

Exploring the city of Cardiff, I came across lots of Halal restaurants and takeaways serving different cuisines and I have also shared photos of the food I've tried in Cardiff, on my social media in the last few days. If you're looking for a grill house in Cardiff, then Shaam Nights should definitely be the place where you should go for an authentic Syrian dining experience. 

Location & Parking:

Shaam Nights is located close to the Cardiff city center so that sounds like a perfect location for any tourist or a resident. I went there by car and it took us hardly 10 minutes to get to the restaurant. Moreover, there's free parking available just inside the street so that's a bonus point! We went on an afternoon and easily found a parking and as our table had already been reserved, we simply went inside the restaurant and got seated.

Seating & Interior: 

The interior of the restaurant has been beautifully designed keeping in mind the Syrian theme with a rustic tiled floor and beautiful stained glass and bronze lanterns.

shaam nights cardiff halal

The Dining Experience:

For the starters, we ordered lentil soup (£3) and lamb sambousak (£4). You can customise the spices in your soup when you place the order. The soup, as the name suggests was made of lentils and onions but there was some coriander in it too. Since I was having a sore throat and wasn't feeling very well, the soup worked well to start my meal.

shaam nights cardiff halal

The sambousak had been freshly prepared and it was served with an orange coloured chili sauce that paired well with it. So if you like your food spicy, then make sure to dip your sambousak in that sauce before taking a bite. It was actually a deep fried stuffed pastry and the stuffing was basically lamb mince.

Next was our main which was a mixed grill platter and it included lamb and chicken shish, kebab halbi and chicken wings (£20) which was served on a bed of yellow coloured butter rice with salad and garlic sauce. You can also add chips instead of rice, if you like. The grilled items tasted really good and the portion was perfect for 2 persons! We also tried the humus and moutabal.
shaam nights cardiff halal

shaam nights cardiff halal

For the drinks, we ordered a mango lassi (£3) and Shaam nights cocktail (£3.5). The mango lassi was sweet and refreshing and I couldn't resist it despite my sore throat. Shaam nights cocktail tasted good and it was prepared with a couple of fruits but strawberries were more dominant.

To combat the effect of the cold drinks, I had some mint and cinnamon tea with baklavas (£2.5) and Katayef (£2.5). Baklavas are my favourite and they were fresh and crispy. The Katayef had some rich sweet cream which was folded on a small wrap that tasted like a mini pancake.

shaam nights cardiff halal

shaam nights cardiff halal

End Notes:

The overall dining experience was enjoyable, the service was good and the prices were decent. The restaurant serves full Halal menu and does not serve alcohol. Definitely recommended, guys! Check out their menu, here

Rating: 7.5/10

Have you ever tried Arabic or Syrian cuisine? What's your favourite dish?

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  1. That grill platter looks delish! Wish I lived closer so I could try the restaurant! Great shots of the food.

  2. I LOVE Syrian food, the flavours are so clean and nice. The decor looked amazing as well, a full on sensory experience mashaAllah

  3. I would definitely love it. You just ordered my favz from the menu :-) And the interior is amazing.

  4. The mixed grill platter looks enticing, I love grills and Arabian cuisines in general as long as flavours and spices are not too sharp/ overwhelming. Woow.... Lovely interior!

  5. Never tried Syrian & Arabic cuisine before but would love too.
    And when somebody talk about good food,I just wanna fly & reach there to try that in
    Pictures are so beautiful ❤


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