FREE John West Tuna Spreadables #UK

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John West is giving away FREE 80 gram spreadable tin of YOUR choice!

You can choose from their range of 6 spreadables available in the market.

Just click the links below to claim your FREE spreadable!

CLICK HERE ... Vote for your favourite flavour, print the voucher and get it from a supermarket where it is available. If you do not have a printer, select the option of getting the voucher by post and they will send you one in a few days! Simple!

Where is it available?

I have personally checked the big giants. It can be claimed from Sainsburry's or Morrisons.
At Asda, the value of a tin is 1.08 pounds and it is not available at Tesco.

    Claim your FREE spreadable!

or Click HERE for another option! 
Much easier & quicker! 

 Claim your FREE spreadable!

Images: John West & Sainsburrys


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